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Stylish Summer Hair Color Trend: Rose Gold

Rose gold is a shade between rosé and peach, with a dash of golden highlights. This nuance is fresh and will make your skin look radiant. It’s the perfect color for summer! We define this rosy trend tone, and explain how to get it

New hair trends are a regular occurrence, luckily for us – because no one wants boring hair! One color trend we particularly like – and one that’s sure to stay a while – is rose gold hair. Read on to discover this hair trend. And it’s not just for hair! Rose gold is THE hot shade, currently spotted everywhere: From jewelry and watches through to home décor – candle holders, tableware, picture frames – you name it!.

What’s so special about rose gold hair?

#rosegoldhair: Rose gold has been making its way towards hair color superstardom on social media for months now. This shade is something special: It lies between pink and orange and reminds us a bit of our favorite rosé champagne. This trend is crowned with a golden shimmer.


Unlike previous hair color trends with pink nuances, rose gold is more subtle, more metallic and softer. That’s because – thanks to the new hair dyeing techniques – the hair is not dyed entirely in one color. Instead, individual sections are colored in different tones. Hair will shine as reddish or golden, depending on the light.

Will I suit the rose gold trend?

Woman with rose gold hair and cap

Super stylish and sporty with a cap: Trend hair color rose gold!

Actually, this look can work for anyone, whether you’re brunette, blond or a redhead. Depending on that, there are just a few things to keep in mind:


  • Brunettes shouldn’t lighten their hair too much from the base color. Why? If your eyebrows and eyes are dark, it will look better to have a darker shade of brunette at your roots. If your hair is completely bleached, you won’t achieve a harmonious overall look.

  • If you have red hair, you should select a version of the trend tone that works with your eyebrows, eye color and freckles. Certain shades of pink and red can clash.

  • If you have blond hair, you can fully embrace this trend: Pre-bleaching may not be required – just add delicate pink highlights and finish with a wash of metallic gold.

How do you dye hair to rose gold?

That old hair coloring adage applies here: If you want to play it safe, let a professional do it for you. A professional colorist will know exactly how to make your hair shine in trendy rose gold.


Those with a darker natural color (such as red or brown) first need to lighten up: That’s right, your hair will need to be bleached. Then it can be colored rose gold. Once your professional colorist has incorporated delicate pink shades and rounded the look off with a golden shimmer, your hair will radiate summer!

You’ve got the look – now what?

The rule of post-coloration care: If you care for it, it’ll last. For maximum shine, apply a mask two or three times a week. Tip: From time to time, you can also leave the mask on overnight. This is best done wearing a special turban towel to protect your pillows! Overnight, the nourishing ingredients of the mask will have time to really penetrate the interior hair structure and rebuild your hair from the inside out. The result: Silky and shiny!

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Not just for the girls: Brave guys can also wear rose gold hair.