Woman with metallic silver hair
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Silver, Gold or Copper: Metallic Hair is Hot Right Now

Whether silver blond or copper red – metallic-accented hair is winning medals for the trendiest hair color of the season. Silver, bronze and copper are in demand. Unearth everything you need to know about the metallic trend 

It doesn’t get any more glamorous than this: the latest color trend is known as “metallic hair” and lets your mane shimmer in stunning metallic shades. We tell you what shades are set to shine and how to get them on your head!

What is “metallic hair”?

Shine on! Those who love glamor should definitely try metallic hair. Don’t hold back: there’s a metallic look to suit everyone. The trend offers a wide range of colors, from warm gold to icy silver – and wonderful, iridescent copper in between. That's the defining factor: it's beautifully bright, super shiny and very individual. If you don’t want a completely new look, you can add a metallic finish to your existing color to bring radiance and shine. Metallic hair turns brunette to bronze, red to copper and blond to silver.

Go metallic

First thing’s first: this trend color needs to be created by a professional in the salon. They’ll be able to perfectly match the right shimmering nuances to your hair. Also, darker hair may need to be lightened to allow the metallic tones to really shine. But the be-all and end-all, as with any color treatment, is the right aftercare: use a mask once a week (you can even leave it on overnight). Tip: wrap hair in a towel. This treatment will help smooth the hair structure and help it to look healthy and shiny.


Ready to find the right metallic look for you? Let us explain the three winning shades on the podium of the metallic hair color trend.

Warm bronze

As warm and beautiful as a river of honey – a warm, golden, almost-amber brown looks beautiful and brings to mind the tresses of goddesses. Sound dreamlike? It is! This look is mainly for brunettes with a darker complexion, or those who tan easily.

This shade can be combined with pink, khaki or dark brown. To set off the look with your makeup, use a warm, gold-colored highlighter on your cheekbones.

Electrifying copper

Copper-colored hair is mysterious, mystical – an extraordinary look that makes green and brown eyes shine.

Tip: those who wear a glossy copper tone in their hair should choose subdued colors for their wardrobe. Look stunning all in black! The darkest of tones turns copper hair into a real eye-catcher. Make-up is also allowed to shine: try a green eye shadow. Copper-colored make-up also works, but you’ve got to find the right complementary shade to avoid a clash of coppers.

Icy silver

Keep cool, baby! For many, nothing is sexier than blond hair. But it does get sexier: with metallic, icy silver. The mixture of very light platinum or platinum blond and grey especially suits fair skin. The greatest complement to this look? Icy blue eyes!

When it comes to wardrobe, white, dark grey, dark blue or black provide the best accompaniment to metallic silver. Add a little color with make-up: red lips and XL eyelashes set the look alight.