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Shading: How the New Colouring Effect Works

A popular lightening method casts its shadow before: shading adds a new dimension to hair with cool blonde accents and multifaceted hues. Read on to find out how the colour trend works and what defines the four techniques of soft shading, multi-shading, natural shading and deep shading

A cool, at times even really frosty summer is coming. No worries, we are not predicting bad weather. Our forecast is entirely positive and refers to the latest hair colouring trend: shading. This is a lightening method that makes blonde (but also brown) hair extra cool with purposefully placed hues and colour highlights. The cool blonde look is much sought-after!
If you want a hot update for your hair, make it cool! But not all shading is created equal: there are different methods, each with its own results. Our overview tells you how each technique works and which one is right for you:

Soft shading
If you want brilliant blonde nuances such as platinum or ice blonde, we highly recommend the soft shading version. The hair colour is refined with delicate silver reflections, making it look even cooler. Yellowness? No way! The only colour deviation is at the hairline, which is tinted in a darker hue. With a flowing transition between the shaded section and the blonde lengths, it elegantly loosens up the entire ultra-light mane without the look of a wig.

For a clear blonde with matt effect: icy nuances play the leading role with multi-shading as well. As indicated by the name with “multi”, several trendy colours are added to the hair. The subtle interplay of soft hues and deep shadows visually lends the hairdo more structure, fullness and volume. A great option for a refined, intense look with any hairstyle including short cuts.

Natural shading
We need neither sun, sand nor the sea for the highly popular beach blonde. Leading looks such as ombré or balayage and cool salt sprays have long since brought sun-kissed hair to the city, even in winter. Natural shading takes up this trend: muted highlights and lowlights in cool blonde hues create a mix of strands with a natural look. The layered colour gradient makes the hair look ash blonde overall – as though kissed by the sun. Hint: To make the mix of nuances appear as natural as possible, the hair should be at least shoulder length.

Deep shading
If you as a brunette are sometimes considered too chilly, it will stand you in good stead: cool is trendy this year! How fitting that you can get exactly this colouration result with the deep shading method. Extra-cool brown and blonde nuances create a mix of fresh highlights and hues in the hair. The discreet accents merge into a uniform, highly sophisticated look while the transitions between the colours become virtually indistinguishable.

Four winners: no matter what version of this popular trend you choose for your hair, you are sure to be one of the coolest with shading!

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