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Classy Colour Trend: Rose Gold Hair

Are you looking for a secure styling investment? We have something for you: No longer is rose gold just gracing jewellery such as watches, chains and more. Trendsetters highly value the precious metal as a hair colour as well. A worthwhile investment! We reveal how the top-class highlight in hair is applied for the best effect

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Marilyn Monroe’s cult song still rings true. However: Diamonds may be our best friend, but they are far from the only one! Most recently we have opened our hearts to rose gold jewellery. From small creoles to opulent chains – the fine precious metal is trendy and gilds many of our treasures today. Our pink favourite’s secret: Copper. The gleaming red metal lends classic gold a delicate rose hue – and thereby a modern upgrade! Jewellery can assume various shades depending on the respective gold, silver and copper content. Here the colour spectrum ranges from white gold to a hint of pink to shimmering apricot to gleaming salmon.

It was really just a matter of time before the rosy gold fever spread to our hair. A broad range of rose gold nuances with various proportions of copper is seen here as well, just as with genuine jewellery. The great thing about that: You can enrich your look with precisely the hue that best suits your complexion, type and taste. The colour can be applied strand by strand or grace your entire mane – and it works with any haircut. Whether you wear an impudent short cut or feminine mega-mane, delicate rose gold upgrades any style!

Do you too want to shine with this trendy colour? We present the most beautiful treasures in various settings as inspiration: 

Rose Gold Hair – Precious Hair Ornament