Woman with medium length hair in palm painting coloring trend
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Palm painting: the new coloring trend

Can anyone remember how we kept hair color exciting before balayage, the game-changing technique with a million variants? Hot on the heels of tiger eye and geode hair now comes palm painting, the latest reinvention. Find out what it looks like and how it’s done

The triumphant advance of balayage has seen perfect aluminum foil highlights disappear into the mists of time. This hugely hyped coloring technique gives supremely natural results – hair color that speaks of beachy vacations and looks as though your hair’s been kissed by the sun rather than wrapped in aluminum foil and worked on for hours. To keep things interesting, the balayage trend keeps changing, introducing intriguing variations like tiger eye and geode hair. And now a London colorist has come up with the latest update: palm painting.

What is palm painting?

Woman with open long hair in palm-painting-look

Palm Painting – the latest version of the balayage color technique

Palm painting gives the hair a radiance that’s even more natural looking than with balayage. Think balayage without the brushes: as the name suggests, the color’s applied with the palms of the hands and the final result is understated and effortless. A totally understated post-vacation color that’s perfect for anyone who wants a change.

How do you do it?

Woman with long hair in palm-painting

Palm painting gives the hair a sun-kissed look

Why does palm painting look so cool? It’s the technique: the color’s applied directly to the hair with the hands, along the length of the hair. Best is to start at the back and work round to the front but there aren’t any rules, which is why it’s so creative and exciting. The colored parts of the hair blend into the rest – there shouldn’t be any hard lines – and the roots are left uncolored. No need to touch them up!