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Shading Different Hair Colours together

The trendy shading together of two or more hair colours into ombre patterns gives hairstyles a fresh modern slant. Colour choices range from caramel, to red and hot pink. It is up to you to select the colour, which is most suitable for you. We describe important styling considerations for ombre hair colour combinations

The word ombre means shade or shadow. In terms of today’s hair colour trends, this means that the hair colour transitions from one shade of a colour to another without noticeable borders. Ombre hair may also transition from one colour at the roots to an entirely different colour at the ends. The soft shading of colours defines ombre hair. Our Hairstyle Lexicon elaborates on ombre hair.

Ombre Colouring from Soft to Bright

Ombre Hair

Singer Jordin Sparks’ hair transitions from black to red

Ombre hair colouring adds a new styling element and invites creativity. Colour combinations may consist of two shades of the same colour or two entirely different colours. Singer Jordin Sparks’ hair transitions from black to contrasting red. Your colour choices will depend on your style, complexion, and willingness to stand out in a crowd. Intense, bright or unusual ombre hair will attract more attention than brown hair transitioning from dark to light brown or blonde. You have the choice of all colour combinations. We show popular ombre hair colour patterns. 

Popular Ombre Hair Colour Combinations

It is up to you to select subdued or bright colours for your ombre colour combination. Below, we list frequently used ombre colour combinations:

In Combination with your natural hair colour …

... blonde: brown, red and pastel pink, blue or purple
... brown: blonde, caramel, red or pink
... red: blonde, brown, caramel or pastel pink
... black: turquois, blue, purple, green, red, yellow or grey
... grey: turquois, pink, brown or black

Tip: Consult with your hair stylist to find the most suitable ombre hair colour combination. You may also ask your hairstylist to colour your hair using the selected colours or shades.

Styling Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair

In straight hair, colour transitions will be clearly defined while waves or curls obscure the transitions. Of course, ombre hair can also be styled into updos.
In most updos the colour transition will not be clearly defined or hardly noticeable. Ombre hair is more suitable for ponytails than for chignons.

Left: Singer Kady Z with wavy black and red ombre hair

Outfits to Go with Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair

Model Lily Aldridge with Ombre Coloured Hair

Ombre hair and especially brightly coloured ombre hair works best in combination with outfits, which are not too colourful. Jessica Jarrell wears a solid apricot-coloured shirt to showcase her ombre hair in shades of brown. Jordin Sparks coloured the ends of her black hair red to match the colour of her dress. If you are unsure about the right outfit to go with your ombre hair you may want to select black or white outfits as shown by Kady Z and Lily Aldridge. Black or white outfits are always good choices because they emphasize ombre colour transitions.

The makeup should leave the stage to the ombre hair. Use black mascara and possibly a black eyelid liner. Lipstick colours such as rosé or light brown work well in combination with ombre hair.