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The New Colour Trends for 2016

What is coming, what is staying? We present the hair colours setting the direction this year! Platinum blonde, opal, floodlights – not only do the colour trends sound very exciting, they look the part as well. Explore the rich new diversity of colours with us...

On the right track ... With us! We have uncovered the 2016 colour trends – on the heads of fashionistas! From natural to unusual, this season offers something of everything. The most striking aspect: Flamboyant colours have conspicuous names like opal and floodlights! Read on to find out what they conceal. Those who prefer something less unusual also get their money’s worth with the coming year’s hair colours: Down-to-earth looks are popular along with crazy colours. What tinting type are you? Find out and get your trendy hair colour soon.

You will find all the current trendsetting colours in our gallery. Browse to get inspired!

2016 Colour Trends

2016 Colour Trends: Floodlights bring light to the darkness


Style blogger Helena Bordon looks as radiant as her floodlights

Are you longing for a hair colour that makes you shine? No problem with floodlights! The somewhat wider blonde streaks à la Helena Bordon brighten up your mane in next to no time, without entirely changing your hair colour. What is known as “floodlighting” gives you a natural hue that is especially soft on your skin and really flattering for your complexion. The coloured strands are either applied using the foil technique or painted freehand, and are wider than usual. Important: Avoid being too precise, make floodlights of different lengths that are not too accurate. That keeps the look natural and modern!