A young, fair-complexioned woman wearing a winter jacket, scarf, and with curly hair in the color Living Coral
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Pantone Color of the Year: “Living Coral” is the Hair Color Trend of 2019!

Full of vitality, radiant, and energizing: This vividly describes “Living Coral,” the 2019 color of the year. We reveal how you can wear the trend color in your hair, who the color suits and how to beautifully mix it in to your existing palette

For color lovers and trend lovers alike, it’s a highlight of the year: When the print company Pantone announces its color of the year, we all sit up and pay attention. Whether it’s furniture, clothing, make-up, accessories or hair: “Living Coral” is going to dominate the design market this year! One thing’s for sure: trendsetters will be wanting to wear this shade in their hair as well.

Pantone “Living Coral”: What's so special about it?

The color is the official successor to “Ultra Violet”, the 2018 color of the year. “Living Coral” has the number 16-1546 in the Pantone color system. It’s not merely a simple coral tone, but a strong coral red with orange nuances and golden undertones. And it’s as vibrant as it sounds! “Living Coral” truly has the feel-good factor. According to Pantone, it’ll add a shot of energy. It’s going to be a major color hit – and it’s clear that we want to wear it in our hair.


“Living Coral” is the most beautiful color trend of 2019.

The Pantone team was inspired by nature with this color, reminiscent of coral reefs – which act as a food and energy supply for so much marine life. Trends from the film and design industries were also considered when selecting the color of the year.

Who can wear “Living Coral”?

Here’s the good news: “Living Coral” is for absolutely everybody! Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider, depending on your style:


Pantone’s color of the year “Living Coral” looks fantastic paired with other vivid colors.

  • Those with tanned complexions have hit the jackpot with “Living Coral”! In combination with sun-kissed skin, the shade looks gorgeous and encourages our minds to wander straight into our next summer vacation. The look combines perfectly with gold tones, e.g. gold jewelry or as a highlighter swept on the cheeks.
  • If you have red hair, match coral tones to your eyebrows, eye color, and freckles. The softer the shade of coral, the more beautiful! The often fair, fragile complexions of red-haired women suit soft coral tones perfectly. Keep your overall look delicate with white or pastel-colored wardrobe picks.
  • Blonds can look forward to this trend, as they’re usually spared pre-bleaching. If you’re wearing “Living Coral” in your hair, you can choose a coral tone for your outfit, too. Recommended make-up: Brown and gold tones, and a softly shimmering lip gloss.

The brave fashionistas among us can style “Living Coral” with bold neon tones and black.

How to get the Pantone trend color of the year – in your hair

As is so often the case, coloring hair “Living Coral” should be left to the professionals. The bleaching and over-dyeing required needs skill and expertise. For a perfect tone, the professional colorist chooses a combination of delicate red shades, and then works in golden strands – these will make the hair shimmer beautifully, giving the hue warmth and depth.

Caring for your “Living Coral” hair

The colorist has done the hard work to get the color – but the work carries on at home to keep the color as beautiful as it is. The hair has likely been stressed by bleaching, which roughens its surface. A caring conditioner will help to enhance shine. It can also be left in overnight for an effect that’s even stronger and more nourishing. Simply apply conditioner to towel-dried hair, massage in, comb through and then braid or put up in a bun. Damp hair feels too cold? Wrap a towel around your head like a turban. This will further help the nourishing ingredients penetrate into the interior of the hair structure, rebuild the hair and make it shine.