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Lived-In Colour: The Hair Colour Trend of the Season

When beauty bloggers and hairstyling professionals post this many pictures with the hashtag #livedin, it must be a new trend. We got to the bottom of things: what is lived-in, what does it look like and how do you get the style of the hour in your hair?

You have already tried ombré, balayage and all the rest? Then you should give lived-in a try! Today's most popular streaking style looks especially good on blondes and brunettes.

What is Lived-In and why should you be sure not to miss it?

The principle: your own natural hair colour or highlights of similar nuances are worked into coloured hair. This is done so deftly and delicately that no transitions are visible. While this may not really sound new, the secret is in the details. Lived-in is reminiscent of grown-out colour – more messy than tidy. This is much cooler today than an accurately coloured mane. You should choose this colouration innovation if that is the style you love. Rather than having to wait, you can get the casual grown-out look right there at the salon. By the way, lived-in hair works best in combination with relaxed waves – flat at the hairline and softly undulating in the lengths. 

How the Lived-In colour look works

Integrating your own natural hair colour is a big plus for the colouration hit. This makes it appear ultra-natural even though it is skilfully created. If you are inexperienced, consult a professional hairdresser to ensure colouration success (see our salon finder for the best contacts). The technique is rather tricky and elaborate. While the procedure can take a few hours, the result lasts that much longer. There is no need to colour your hair again for at least three months.

How it's done: start by searching for your natural hair colour! After trying several colour trends and lightening their hair, many women are far removed from their natural hair tone. This however needs to be determined. Hairdressers have a good eye for that and are able to discern the original blonde or brown well. Hint: the best way to identify your natural hair colour is in daylight at the hairline. Once the right nuance is found, the hairline is first dyed with the mixed natural hair colour. Then streaks of this hairline colour are worked all the way into the lengths. Finally, strands of lighter shades are added for sophisticated highlights. Lived-in colour appears particularly natural when the strands have different lengths and widths. The best thing about it: with this colouration method, you can let your hair grow out untroubled. It is after all your natural colour and bothersome contrasts at the hairline are avoided while the streaked style creates a modern effect. And it lasts for weeks.

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