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Trend Alert: All About Hair Contouring

Just when we learned that the facial shape can be perfectly modelled with makeup, the next contouring trend comes along – this time for your hair. Special colouration techniques allow you to bring out certain facial features to best advantage or to conceal small flaws. Presenting everything you need to know about the new hair contouring trend

Since Kim Kardashian at the latest, just about everyone has heard of the contouring hype. It does have a lot of benefits: this makeup trend produces a three-dimensional effect through the targeted application of various hues ranging from light to dark. It can enhance the facial contours, skilfully covering certain areas, making some features appear slimmer while highlighting others. Striking cheekbones, a narrower nose or larger eyes? Correctly positioning the shades of various colour nuances results in the ultimate wow effect. This visual illusion is not limited to makeup, it is also being applied to hair in the meantime. The goal is the same: modelling the facial features by effectively positioning colour accents. We give you all the key facts about hair contouring.

What is Hair Contouring?

Similar to the makeup trend, the face can be perfectly contoured through the interplay of light and dark with hair contouring. But now the shading is accurately positioned in the hair, not on the forehead, chin and cheeks. Highlighted strands in certain areas make flattering features stand out while darker sections have a slimming effect or conceal smaller flaws. The benefit compared to makeup contouring: coloured hair lasts longer, unlike makeup that has to be reapplied every day.

How Does Hair Contouring Work?

It's all about the technique: balayage is the best colouring method to obtain the ultimate wow effect. The name originates from the French verb 'balayer', meaning to sweep or brush. The key: rather than colouring strands with the usual foil technique, the colour is applied freehand using a brush. This allows the mane to be individually modelled for a much more natural result.

Effects of Hair Contouring:

Hair contouring presents the facial shape to best advantage. What areas you wish to emphasise depends entirely on your contours. Round, oval or angular – the right highlights and downlights are available for every type. See for yourself in our gallery:

Hair Contouring for Every Facial Shape