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Young Women with White Hair

White, not grey, not platinum blonde, is the bright hair colour, which is suitable for all seasons, not just the cold season. We tell you what the hair colour white has got to do with the rise of the colour red and provide tips on styling white hair

These days, red hair is losing its image of the rare and mystical. On the contrary, many women colour their hair in the beautiful shades of red such as strawberry blonde, copper, and mahogany. For people who like to stand out in the crowd this leaves white hair as the only exceptional choice.

The hair colour should be popular, it should be seen on catwalks; models, stars, celebrities, and bloggers should embrace it. While popular, the colour should also be distinctive, it should be a topic in the fashion world but not yet a trend. Right now, all this applies to wearing white hair.

White Stands for Clarity, Innocence, Truth, and Simplicity

Not as hot as fiery red, less sweet than pastel colours, white is associated with the cool nature of snow and ice. White leaves all expression to the neighbouring elements, which display colour and line.  

White hair is often the result of the aging process. Different from the whitish blonde of tow-headed children, it is not commonly associated with youth. Kelly Osbourne and other young stars played with this discrepancy between youthful appearance and symbols of old age when they adopted silvery grey as their favourite hair colour. White hair is about to become the cool alternative to the still fashionable fiery red or royal violet hair.

How to Dye Hair White

On the light edge of platinum blonde, hair starts to appear white. White hair is created by extracting the natural pigments and intensively lightening the hair. The hair is then tinted to a matte white.

Suitable Hairstyles for White Hair

Hairstyles with clear lines such as accurately cut bobs, sleek ponytails with straight fringes or asymmetric haircuts underscore the simplicity and clarity of the colour white.

Layered or fringed haircuts such as deliberately messy bobs of uneven length, feathered razor bobs or shags add interest and life to the naturally cool appearance of white hair.

In the hairstyle integrated braids and twirled elements have a more pronounced effect in light than in dark hair. White adds to the visibility and appeal of braided or twirled hair elements. You may want to take advantage of this effect.

Fashion Colours to Go with White Hair

Hair Colour White

Fashion blogger Linda Tol combines her white hair with a pastel pink dress and pink lipstick

Pastel: Outfits and accessories in pastel shades of pink, apricot, light blue, mint green or violet do not compete with the white hair colour. Streaks in pastel colours may be used to create colour accents in white hair. It is important to add bright colour elements such as eye-catching makeup and accessories to avoid the washed out appearance caused by the greyed, subdued pastel colours. Colourful bandanas, scarfs or jewellery create beautiful focus points. The contrast will play up the white hair.

Wear black clothing and accessories to create contrast: The contrast with black can be stunning especially when another accent colour is added (see the photo all the way on top of the article). Options are a black blazer, smokey eyes or mostly black jewellery.


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