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Do-It-Yourself Babylights

The streaked hit continues to be popular thanks to its natural look, especially during the summer months. As though kissed by the sun: Be sure to give the fine hair highlights a try because babylights are the ultimate update in 2016, even for ombré hair. We show you how to conjure up the hair colouring trend in next to no time

Finally a trend that really makes us look younger: babylights! The fine streaks earned their name for good reason. They remind us of childhood days when we romped around the yard like wild things with all the time in the world, free of obligations. A nice side effect: lightened, sun-kissed hair perfectly manages to capture this feeling. Now we can regain these natural highlights at any time!

We have grown up in the meantime, so our daily routine is no longer quite so free: we sit in school, at university or in the office during the day and can enjoy summer outdoors far too rarely. With the sun hair effect, we at least recapture the feeling in our hair. A look as though kissed by the sun – getting it is child’s play:

1. Colour selection
For the most natural effect, the strands at the front and the tips of the hair can be coloured only one or no more than two nuances lighter than the base colour. If the contrast is too pronounced, the hairstyle looks more like two-tone or ombré hair. Our tip: it’s better to colour in stages, approaching the perfect babylight look gradually until you achieve the desired effect instead of ending up with too light of a hue. Caution: allow at least four weeks to pass between colouration sessions.

2. Technique
In addition to a package of the right hair colour and a special applicator brush, we recommend an old, discarded and thoroughly rinsed mascara brush for targeted application. It helps apply the colour as naturally and precisely as possible to the thin strands.

3. Application
When it comes to lightening by colouration, heat is usually required to intensify the colour effect. Not so with babylights. A hood dryer, blow dryer, foils and so on are not needed for application since the result should be fine and discreet.