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Trendy: Dark Hairline

Recolour the hairline? Not yet, a dark hairline is now considered hip! So put back your date with the hairdresser, and purposefully let the high-contrast hairline shine. The look is currently so popular, it is even being coloured on purpose. What is behind it? We bring light into the darkness ...

Have you lightened your hair? Then we have good news: Recolouring is no longer all that important this season! A dark hairline in a light-coloured mane is very much in demand right now. So much so that trendsetters are having their hairline coloured darker on purpose. This is similar to the ombré style where the ends are dyed in contrasting colours, but only the first few centimetres at the hairline are coloured here in another, usually darker hue. As though recolouring had been put off for too long. Casual, not careless! The colour trend is even apparent on the red carpet (for example with Billie JD Porter) and on the catwalks (for instance with Vanessa Bruno).

Beauty News: Popular Hairline

Small but nice: The Vanessa Bruno model highlights her look with a narrow dark streak at the hairline

Okay, we admit it: The two-tone look is not that new. From dip-dye to ombré, the popular dual-colour look was already setting the tone on our heads in 2015. Now the dark hairline in light hair is an update which is lengths ahead for trend potential in 2016! It makes the hair colour (usually blonde) look like it was not 'recently done', exhibiting casualness and adding an extra helping of naturalness to the hair.

Dyeing the Hairline: Do it Yourself

Billie JD Porter shows that a dark hairline also works well in loose hair

Have you developed a taste for it? If so, just let your hairline grow out two or three centimetres and voilà: Trendsetter alarm!

Those who simply cannot wait may of course choose to help things along with colouring, easily creating the hip look themselves. This appears especially natural if you dye the mane in a lighter colour, simply leaving out the hairline, rather than colouring the hairline in a darker hue.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Divide your hair into hand breadth sections.

2. Apply the cream dye to the ends of each strand with a comb and work it in.

3. Then apply the dye to the rest of the separated strands, simply omitting the hairline.
Important: Avoid overly accurate colouring. For a natural look, feel free to apply the colour a bit irregularly at the transition to the dark hairline.

4. Let it set for about 45 minutes depending on the colouration (be sure to observe the product instructions) and then rinse thoroughly.

5. Don’t forget proper hair care!