Woman with copper blond hair and cap
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Luminous Fall Hair Color: Copper Blond

Want your hair to glow? Copper blond could be the color for you. We reveal how to get this trend tone, and how to keep it shining bright

To the person who brought copper-colored everything back into style: Thank you! Copper-colored homewares have brought Scandinavian-cool style to our interiors. But copper isn’t just popular in interior design – this trend tone has also made its way onto our heads! A red sheen in your hair is particularly hot for fall. Learn how to get copper-colored tresses, and what you need to know about achieving copper blond based on your initial hair color.

How to get copper blond hair

Copper blond is a warm, radiant shade of red. The tone perfectly suits those with a light-colored complexion. Matched with fair skin, this color looks fresh and natural. But women with darker skin tones can wear the look, too. Matched with darker complexions, copper blond is a little more extravagant.

If you’re already blond, you’ve got it easy. Just grab a home color kit. Natural blond or bleached hair takes on copper blond well. Tip: Don’t skimp on color! If your hair is longer than shoulder length, use two packs. Read more here about avoiding any mishaps when coloring at home.

Color brunette or black hair copper blond

If you have brunette or black hair, you’ll need to lighten it before you can go copper blond. Only natural colors that are lighter than the copper tone of your choice should attempt to go copper blond without pre-lightening. Otherwise, the result may not be exactly as you imagined. If you have darker hair, get advice from a hairdresser. They’ll be able to help you transition to copper blond in the gentlest way possible.

Caring for copper blond hair

To keep your copper blond hair radiant for longer, use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Copper blond is a reddish shade, and reds tend to fade faster than other dyes. Without the proper care, the color could wash away quickly. With the right care products, you can easily counteract this and preserve your new copper shine. Add a mask with color-sealing effect into your routine. Also, don’t forget to use a heat protection before blow-drying or heat styling. This protects not only your hair – but your color, too Tip: After dyeing, hold off on washing for two or three days. This way, the red pigments will have enough time to settle in your hair and won’t wash out so fast.