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Brightly Coloured Hair Streaks and Blocks

Colour blocks are definitely the newest fashion trend for fabrics this summer; they are also taking the hair styles of stars and celebrities by storm. Best of all, you can quickly create the colourful hair strands at home without much trouble. We let you know how you can join the trend and what to consider in the process

Right now, Katy Perry is one of the most successful singers in the entertainment world. Recently, the 26-year old managed to add not one but two of the coveted People’s Choice Awards to her list of honours. The young California woman also leads when it comes to her hair styles, which are as cool as they are fanciful. We are not surprised seeing Katy as a cherished guest in the front rows of many important designer shows.

This summer, the singer's mane gets special attention for the hot pink and bright blue streaks. She is not the only celebrity who likes to pep up her style with brightly coloured strands of hair. It-girl Gillian Zinser and the former gossip-girl Jessica Szohr also love the bright colour accents in their hair. Are we talking about a new wave of the punk style? Don't worry, this summer the bright hair strands are perfectly acceptable even in combination with the little black dress.

You can't wait joining today's it-girls and put some bright streaks into your hair? That’s no problem! We let you know how to do it and what to consider before putting the colour accents in your hair.

Bright Colour Accents in Light Hair

Be sure not to overdo it when putting colour accents into your blonde hair. That means you should colour-block only a few rather than many strands of hair. The lighter the hair the more intense are colour effects.

You may also decide to first test how brightly coloured strands look in your hair by using clip-in hair extensions. These extensions can be added and removed in seconds. Unfortunately, the transition from light-blonde natural hair to the extensions may be quite visible. You can also use hair spray to create colourful hair streaks or blocks. Simply spray the tinted hair spray onto a few strands of hair and allow it to dry. Then style your hair as usual. The spray-on colour lasts to the next shampoo or rain shower. We recommend colour streaking in soft pastel colours for light hair. Especially muted purple shades look impressive in blonde hair.

Bright Colour Accents in Dark Hair

Dark-haired women know the problem: Even the most flamboyant colours seem to fade into the background in dark brown or black hair and create only a muted coloured finish. If you still want pink, red or green hair strands you should slightly bleach the respective strands of hair before applying the colour. The hair will then show the intended bright colour. After bleaching, you can apply colours in the form of a tinting application. Apply the colour to the bleached hair as described on the package insert. The colour is then going to stay in your hair through about eight shampoos.

Hair strands in cool colours like pink, blue or violet look good for women with pale skin tones. Try colours like orange or green if you have brown or olive skin.

Have a look through our gallery to see what colours the stars and celebrities prefer.


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