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Colour Trend: Purple Hair

We love lilac! As a delicate pastel nuance or powerful, trendy hue, in the all over look or as a colourful hair highlight – purple is popular. The eye-catching colour of the year effectively makes many styles and cuts come alive: From linear bobs to long locks. Here are our favourite lilac looks

From lilac to ultraviolet – purple hair is wonderful! Stars and fashion bloggers have long since fallen in love with lilac and are trying out the popular colour in all its facets. But why does everyone want lilac all of a sudden? While there are many reasons, here is a small selection:

We love purple hair because... looks good with any cut and length. flatters virtually every complexion. features a broad palette of nuances. This means you can find the right look for every taste! works for any style – from punky to elegant. appears modern and is truly eye-catching. makes a nice change in our hair!

For even more convincing and especially lovely arguments, visit our gallery:

Purple Hair: We Love Lilac!

Makeup Tips for Purple Hair

Kelly Osbourne presents her lilac side cut to best advantage with an updo and kissable lips

While purple hair is unconventional, it certainly passes the everyday test! Especially in the soft colour variants. You think the hair colour is striking enough so you have to omit makeup altogether? No need, since the right accents on lips and lashes result in very special styles guaranteed to elicit envy!

For a magical elven look for instance, simply complement lilac hair with a discreet eye shadow with glow effect and a cool berry hue on the lips (such as pearly pink, fuchsia or blackberry). A dream! With a pastel purple hue in your hair, you can send even stronger wow signals using makeup (like Kelly Osbourne in the photo). Avoid applying too many different colours to your face, otherwise things get excessively wild. Cherry red, kissable lips and a bold eye line in classic black are perfect!