Woman with chocolate mauve hair color
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Chocolate mauve: The new trend color for fall 2017

In the colder months, we want everything a little more muted – even when it comes to our hair. Chocolate mauve, a wonderfully multifaceted brunette tone and the trend color for fall 2017 perfectly fulfils this desire. We reveal how this trend tone is achieved and which women the stylish look will suit

Back of the head of a woman with chocolate mauve hair color

Subtle mauve accents bring brunette hair to life.

Fog, cold, rain: Fall and winter often give us no reason to cheer. In terms of new hair color, however, this cold season has a lot to offer. The colors on our heads may be a little subtler – but they certainly aren’t boring! One hair color this fall 2017 stands out as a particularly hot trend: Chocolate mauve. The stylish brown tone is simultaneously natural and fancy, intersecting warm brown shades with highlights of mauve and pink. Because the overall tone is brunette, not blond, the colored accents will be more or less visible depending on the light – making this trend much subtler than other recent trends of rainbow hair and pastel pink and blue tones. This means chocolate mauve is perfect for women who are daring enough for a stylish – but not too dramatic – hair color change.

Achieving the chocolate mauve look

A soft ombré gradient is key to the chocolate mauve trend. Otherwise, the color could appear too solid and unnatural. First, warm brown nuances are applied to hair. Then, the balayage technique – freehand painting of highlights – creates that essential soft gradient. The colored highlights are then applied over the brunette hair. The color can be mixed as a more purple or more pink shade, depending on personal preference.

Important: The color accents should also be applied using the balayage technique. Naturally brunette hair should be lightened a little, so that the colored highlights adhere better. This will create the multifaceted color that makes this look. Tip: To ensure long-lasting color, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Use a hair mask once or twice a week for extra care.

Are you a chocolate mauve woman?

Woman with chocolate mauve highlighted hazelnut brown hair.

Accents in mauve bring edgy trend color to hair – even hazelnut brown tresses.

Chocolate mauve is a warm hair color for the autumn. Therefore, the trend best suits those with a cool complexion. Not sure whether your skin tone is cool or warm? How to tell: A cool complexion has a bluish undertone, while a warm complexion will have a yellowish undertone. In general, chocolate mauve is also more suitable for natural brunettes, since the contrast between natural color and the colored brown-mauve nuances isn’t too dramatic. Regrowth will be less noticeable, and recoloring won’t be required as often.

If you want to be on the safe side, leave the creation of your chocolate mauve look to a professional. They’ll be able to best achieve the soft ombré look required to bring this color to life. Find a Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdresser with the help of our Salon Finder.