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Come Rain or Shine, Blonde Stars Wear the Sun in their Hair

"Blondes Have More Fun", an old Rod Stewart song asserted in 1978. The British newspaper 'The Sun' surveyed 3,000 women to determine whether there was any truth to the statement in the song. According to this survey, blondes indeed party more than brunettes and women with other hair colours. Enjoy looking at our photos of successful blonde stars and learn how you can have gorgeous blonde hair!

“Blondes First!” Superstar Marilyn Monroe was the trailblazer for many blonde stars today. In the 1940s, Marilyn Monroe reluctantly bleached her naturally dark brown hair because a photographer had demanded it for an advertisement. This change got her noticed and almost instantly catapulted her into worldwide fame as an actress. Model Heidi Klum made the covers of glossy magazines only after bleaching her naturally brown hair wheat blonde.
Is going blonde really a career booster? There may be something to it. Publicity sells, and blonde stars look particularly glamorous on red carpets and in front of cameras. Without question, aside from being a hair colour, blonde hair also makes a statement.

It's no wonder that blonde stars keep dominating in 2011. Light-haired women are very popular since ancient times. In long bygone centuries, naturally dark-haired Greek women lightened their hair using precious saffron at great expense.  
Now, about 2,500 years later, we lighten hair as gently as possible using advanced hydrogen peroxide formulations with various conditioners. Such formulations turn even very dark hair into a blonde mane in only a few steps.  

Admire the blonde stars in our gallery below and see what the current trend colours are. Don't forget to check out our tips and tricks for keeping blonde hair beautiful for a long time.

Blonde Stars with the Sun in their Hair


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