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Blog Trend: Ombre Hair

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore were among the first to adopt ombre hair colour. On catwalks, we now see the hair of models in bright ombre signal colours. By contrast, bloggers worldwide prefer colour transitions between dark chocolate and tawny brown for their ombre hair. We like to show you examples of their beautifully shaded ombre hair

Ombre hair is the light version of dip dyed hair. Instead of the abrupt colour change about midway between roots and ends, ombre or shaded hair gradually transitions from darker to lighter shades and values of the same hue. Starting at ear level, ombre hair colour usually changes from dark to lighter shades at the hair ends. Often the hair closer to the head shows darker shades of brunette or dark blonde, while the hair gradually and softly turns lighter toward the ends.

Ombre hair is the ideal solution if you want to spice up your look without a complete colour change. The colour play makes brave bobs look up to date, and even beach waves and curls appear sophisticated in combination with ombre hair. Colour shading adds interest to many hairstyles and can turn humdrum styles into eye-catchers.

Who Looks Good with Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair looks quite natural and therefore suits most women and styles, especially since the shades may include the natural hair colour. Due to the natural look, the colour needs a touch-up only every three or four months, which makes wearing ombre hair fairly convenient.

Ombre hair mimics the new growth of colour-treated hair. Frequent colour touch-ups are therefore unnecessary. Providing the natural hair colour blends with the ombre colour scheme, only the portion of the hair close to the ends needs colour touch-ups.

The lighter ends of ombre hair look as if they were bleached by the summer sun and therefore the look conjures up the glorious days of summer and endless fun at the beach.

Suitable Hairstyles for Ombre Hair

For updos, semi-updos, and chignons ombre hair displays its full charm when you allow individual strands of hair "escape" the otherwise very structured hairdo.

Bloggers show how appealing the playful variations of colour shading can be.

Ombre Hair: Anouska Proetta Brandon

Ombre Hair

In her blog, Anouska from Ireland showcases her personal multi-facetted style complete with ombre hair. The ombre shading of her hair harmoniously fades from natural chocolate to tawny brown.

The beach waves play up the ombre colouration to its best advantage (image left). The ombre effect turns the high ponytail (image on the right) into an eye-catcher.

Ombre Hair: Emma Chapman

Ombre Hair

Emma and Elsie are the driving forces behind the blog they named "A Beautiful Mess". Aside from recipes, fashion, and photographs, they also show hair tutorials on their blog. Emma's hairstyle demonstrates the versatility of the ombre look. The shading brings expression and character to her hairstyle.

Image: Blogger Emma Chapman's hair colour changes from chestnut brown to beach blonde toward the ends.

Ombre Hair: Luanna Perez-Garreaud

Ombre Hair

Blogger Lua ("Le Happy") shows courage with her choice of ombre hair colouration. Her hair colour near the roots is bright red and gradually changes to blonde toward the ends. Despite the bright demonstrative hair colour, her looks are still quite natural because the hair colour goes well with her very light skin.

Image: Luanna expresses her love for bright hair colour in her choice of ombre shading. These colours won't go unnoticed.


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