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Berry-Coloured Hair and Outfits

Our hair and outfits show the richest colours of nature this year. The glowing colours of strawberries, raspberries, brambleberries and blueberries inspired the upcoming trend. We show how you can use these colours to your best advantage

One of the 2015 fashion trends takes its inspiration from the enticing colours of berries. These glowing red to blue-red colours now dominate hair colours and fashion fabrics. The new fashion colours include strawberry red on the soft side and the deep, saturated colours of raspberries, brambleberries, and blueberries. Also included are the softer pastel nuances of these colours.

You may find your new favourite combination of berry-coloured outfits and hair colours in our gallery.

Gallery: Fashionable Berry Colours

How to Select Trendy Berry Colours

Whether you wear berry-coloured hair, outfits, makeup or accessories, the glowing red colours will spread youthful freshness. The darker berry shades stand for elegance paired with vibrancy.

Berry colours may be combined with a wide variety of other colours:

  • The bright luminescent berry colours (such as raspberry pink or red currant) combine well with white, navy, and black (see DJ Helena, photo above).
  • The bramble and blueberry nuances show their most enchanting qualities in combination with light shades of grey, beige, and yellow as well as with ash blonde and blonde hair.
  • Combine berry tones with cobalt blue, moss green or turquois for a lively touch.
  • You may also like to consider wearing combinations of several berry colours (like Terry Schilling, see the photo above). Be sure not to combine more than three colours.

Berry-Coloured Hair

Almost every woman looks good wearing berry-coloured hair as the hair is shiny and as long as she selects the right nuance. Extra gloss provides brilliant colour effects. This applies in particular to dark berry tones. Tip: Berry-coloured hair needs special care for colour depth and brilliance. Always use shampoos and conditioners for colour-treated hair.