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Balayage 2.0: Reverse Balayage may be the hair trend of the year

Balayage is one of the most popular hair trends – with no end in sight. But now there’s a new twist to free hand coloring: Reverse Balayage. We explain what makes this hair color trend so special and how it works

Balayage, the color trend of 2017, was on everyone’s lips last year. Everyone from Jessica Alba to Ariana Grande had it – and non-celebrities wanted it. In 2018, we’re looking forward to its rightful hair color successor: Reverse Balayage. Let’s go back to the start!

What’s the difference between Balayage and Reverse Balayage?

If you follow hair trends, you’ll know about Balayage: The French word balayer means “to sweep”. What’s your stylist sweeping? Delicate, thin highlights, but only through the lengths and ends, without touching the crown of your head. The result is a super natural transition between your natural color at the roots and your highlighted tips.

Unlike traditional highlights, colorists don’t use aluminum foil to apply the color. They sweep the color across your hair with a small brush, free hand. This results in particularly soft transitions that look very natural. Unlike the ombré technique, the colors bleed into each other without a strong contrast.

Woman with Reverse Balayage from behind

Et voilà: Reverse Balayage looks pretty cool from behind.

Reverse Balayage is based on the same principle – creating a two tone result. The difference: The roots are light, the lengths and tips get lowlights. It’s easy to achieve in blond hair, but a little more difficult if you’re starting with a darker color. In that case, you’ll have to lighten your hair first to prepare it for the color. For the lengths and tips, choose one or two shades lighter than the color at the roots to achieve a natural-looking transition.

Reverse Balayage: What to watch out for

Bleaching, followed by dyeing, takes its toll on dark hair types. The proper care is essential for healthy and shiny-looking hair. Care series with hair oil protect the tips and prevent split ends. Special color products contain a UV filter, which shields against bleaching. You should apply a hair mask once a week, which will smooth down the roughened outer follicles and nourish hair to make it shiny and silky.

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