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Hair Colour Trend: Two-Tone Blonde/Black

The characteristic transition from one hair colour to another in this look does not have to run from the top to the bottom… Here is the vertical two-tone variation as worn by Melanie Martinez: blonde on the left side, black on the right side

Two-tone is a hair colour trend that has been adorning heads for some time now and is here to stay. One colour is now a thing of the past—it is now the time of the two-tone look! Until now the trend clearly kept a low profile, since, with the continous ligntening from the hairline to the bright tips, the look appears pleasant and downright 'harmless'. Singer Melanie Martinez has redefined the trend, giving it a fresh, exciting dimension to the vertically split 'blonde left/black right' two-tone look.

Two-Tone Hair Colour Trend: The Classic Look No.1

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Model Lily Aldrige wears a soft two-tone look, in which the transition from dark to light gives a subtle and natural result. In this variation, the soft but still visible line one usually sees with this look is completely dispensed with.

Left: Lily Adridge with a soft two-tone look

Two-Tone Hair Colour Trend: The Classic Look No.2

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Actress Drew Barrymore sports her familiar two-tone look: with a more distinct, somewhat more pronounced transition from dark at the top to light at the bottom that integrates the trend factor into each strand.

Left: Drew Barrymore with the classic two-tone variation

Two-Tone Hair Colour Trend: Two-Tone Melanie Martinez Style

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Melanie Martinez with her dark blonde/black two-tone hair

Singer Melanie Martinez revolutionizes the typical horizontal colour gradation of the two-tone look and wears her hair blonde on the left and black on the right. When choosing this hair colour trend, a person automatically attracts attention. Yet this bold hair style can be more than provocative. With the right hair accessories and the appropriate attitude this look lends itself to an unbelievable variety of styles and, as shown in the photo of Melanie Martinez, is playful with the addition of a large bow.

Two-Tone Hair Colour Trend

The two-tone style is much more easier to achieve vertically than the conventional horizontal trend. All one has to do is part the hair in the middle from the front to the nape of the neck with a fine comb, pinning the hair back on one side to keep it out of the way. Then, either colour one half of the hair dark blonde and the other half black like Melanie Martinez, or in any other colour combination. If you like, you can keep you natural colour on one side and colour the other side with a darker or lighter colour. A good way to test the colour you choose is to use a washable hair colour and wear it temporarily before committing to this colour for a longer period of time.