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Pretty pink and cool pale blue: Hot hair colors for young women

Pastel colors are not just in style in fashion and interiors. Thanks to color spray, the heads of young trendsetters are also boasting pastel tones.

Pink and pale blue: Grandmothers might shake their heads about current trend colors, but young style followers can’t wait to go pastel. Let's be honest: going pastel with your mane is a bold choice. But who dares, wins – right? Courageous color will be rewarded with admiring glances. Interested in testing out this look? Then use a color spray to try the pastel effect for a few days!

Color-me-pastel with a simple spray

The required base for pastel hair – for example, pale purple, pink or blue – is blond hair. Brunettes must first undergo bleaching. Subsequently achieving a pastel tone is so easy, you can do it yourself at home. The only thing you need? Color spray. Apply evenly to dry hair, brush through, and you’re done. The color will hold for up to three washes and is a great way to help you decide whether you want to go pastel in the long term.

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