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Pastel gray: A subtle successor to granny hair

Can you have gray hair without looking old? Yes! Young trendsetters have now discovered pastel gray. What distinguishes this new shade from the recent granny hair megatrend, and how do you style it? We reveal all

Some trends polarize. For example: Granny hair. While older women do everything they can to fight their gray hair, young fashionistas the world over are deliberately graying their flawless chocolate or blond tresses. Now there’s a new variation on the granny look: Pastel gray is the current hot trend tone. The difference? Pastel gray boasts undertones of pastel apricot, beige or rose, making it a touch fresher than the now well-known plain gray granny shade.

Who suits a pastel gray mane?

Woman with pastel gray hair and glasses

Perfect for pastel gray hair: An extravagant, stylish outfit.

This hot color suits young women with short cuts, such as a bob, the best. Makeup should help make a statement to avoid the “gray mouse” look. Perfect styling partners are a bright lipstick and rouge.

How do I achieve pastel gray hair?

The simple answer is: with the help of a hairdresser! Dyeing hair gray is a challenge. To start, the hair must be as light as possible. The darker the natural hair color, the more time and patience the bleaching process requires. Once lightened, hair is then colored with a pastel tone. A general rule: Stay away from granny hair and pastel gray if your hair is already damaged, since the dyeing process is quite stressful for hair.

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Tip: If you are already rocking the granny look, achieve pastel gray hair by simply coloring hair with a pastel tone of your choice – for example, using the haircolor Pastelized in the shade "Pastel Apricot" by got2b.