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Try Out Hair Colours: Here Are Your Options!

Are you looking for a different shade, but unsure whether it suits you? Then try out the new hair colour first! Either digitally with an online colour advice tool or directly on your hair – more than one shading is available to you

When we go shopping, we can try on our favourites in the store, buy them and also return them in case of doubt. The process is similar for a new hair colour, yet entirely different: When it comes to 'trying on' or trying out, we have several possibilities and if we don’t like it, we skip the whole exchange procedure. How can you try a new hair colour with no commitment? You have four options:

1. Colour advice tool: The dry run

Rather than testing the colour directly on your hair, you do so directly on the computer or smart phone: All you need to do for this hair colour excursus is open a colour advice tool, upload a photo of yourself and then try out different shades. Benefit: You see the result immediately. Did you fall for the colour of a VIP while leafing through a magazine? Then you can have it! With special colour advice apps, simply scan the VIP and have the right shade displayed – take a look hereHair-Colour-App (currently only available in German)

2. Streaks – the new colour

Streaks let you explore and get comfortable with your dream colour slowly. Blonde streaks in brown hair or light brown streaks in dark brown hair – you obtain a first impression whether the new shade suits you and harmonises with your skin, makeup and other styling. Perhaps you will stay with a colour mix of streaks, or maybe the trial run convinces you that you prefer the new hair colour so you 'go the whole nine yards'.

3. Gentle hair dye – washable, wonderful!

Of course the classic among the hair colour test methods is the washable hair dye. When you have as good as chosen a new hair colour, but are still plagued by doubts if it truly suits you and whether you want to wear it for a long time: Dye it! Different durability levels are available. Level 1 dyes last in the hair for six to eight washings.

4. Wig – extreme hair colour live

Choosing an unusual or entirely different than your own hair colour is no small risk and takes courage. What if you don’t like it once it is in your hair? This hurdle is easy to overcome: You can easily test your dream colour 'in theory' on a photo with a colour advice tool (see the point above). Or: You buy a wig to see the hair colour on yourself live. Does the trend hair colour white suit you? Can you wear black when you are ash blonde? Is pastel pink right for you? Try it out!