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Trend comeback: the cool return of platinum blond

Blond, blonder, platinum ­– it’s always been there, beloved by celebs, undeniably the hottest and most eye-catching shade around, and now finally free of any lingering Barbie connotations. Read on and see just how blond you can go

In recent years, blond fell a bit behind in the trend stakes – after all, it was Barbie’s favorite hair color and not exactly cool. But in 2017, platinum blond is back and it’s a super-trend. Platinum has finally said goodbye to its girly image and is cooler than ever, worn with stunning effect by street style stars and performers like singer Katy Perry, or actors Kate Hudson and Kristen Stewart. Want to go platinum too? Fabulous idea – but before you do, ask yourself one thing:

Can my hair go platinum?

Only attempt to color your hair to platinum at home if your hair is naturally fair, if it’s not colored, and if it’s in good condition. Otherwise, you could easily damage the hair structure during the bleaching process.

Going platinum: at home or at the hairdresser’s?

Woman with platinum blond hair color

Ultra-stylish: platinum blond bob

Before colored hair is bleached, all the color particles must be removed. And it’s honestly best to leave this up to a professional, if your hair is to come out the other end of the process in good condition. (If you’re really determined to do it yourself, consider coloring individual strands light blond, instead of bleaching the whole lot.) Much safer is to ask a hairdresser to do it for you – they can advise which shade of pale blond to go for and you’re less likely to end up with a yellowish tint. However, be aware that it’s still possible that your hair won’t go platinum in one go but will need a few rounds of bleaching to get there.

How to care for platinum hair

Apart from courage, what else do you need to go platinum? Care, care, care. During the bleaching process, the cuticle layer is opened to remove the hair pigment, so that what’s left is just white blond. The surface of the hair can become brittle and dry, and will need extra care. Use a hair cure once or twice a week and pamper the ends with hair oil after every wash. Heat also damages hair, so blow-dry on the lowest setting and be sure to use a heat protection spray beforehand.

Who does platinum blond suit?

Platinum works best for women with a minimalistic fashion style: the look is Scandinavian. The color makes you look younger and adds instant radiance. However, as the roots grow out, your hair can quickly start to look uncared for so you’ll need to recolor every month – something to think about before you reach for the bleach!