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Why confident men now wear their hair gray

Gray hair is no reason to despair. We'll tell you five good reasons why you should own your grays and how men can style their gray hair to look contemporary.

Richard Gere or George Clooney without gray hair - unthinkable. Mature men and women are increasingly owning their gray hair and showing it off proudly. Visibly aging in style is on trend like never before. And why not - after all, there are at least five good reasons to be relaxed about gray hair.

Five reasons to embrace every gray hair:

Man with short gray hair

A gray buzzcut looks truly stylish

  1. According to a survey by a German market research institute, eight in ten women find gray hair attractive on men.
  2. Older men with gray hair benefit from the so-called Clooney effect. This well-known phenomenon describes the effect silver foxes like George Clooney have on women. Gray hair oozes maturity, calmness and life experience.
  3. Gray hair lends men an air of authority and security. A man with gray hair knows what to do and is trusted more - this can be a decisive advantage, especially in business.
  4. Gray hair is generally associated with competence, financial security and coolness.
  5. Last but not least, gray hair shows the world that you are aging gracefully.

Best of all, with the right styling and a modern haircut, men with gray hair can give their appearance a youthful twist and stylishly show how modern gray hair can be.

The best ways to style gray hair

Man with gray hair and full beard

This hairstyle with long, almost white hair and a full beard looks incredibly cool.

  • Try a trendy gray Undercut. Since the undercut is a fashionable haircut, this style offers a youthful update for gray hair - ideal for young men who go gray prematurely.
  • Another cool option for gray hair is the Buzzcut. The super-short hair trend of 2017 takes a bit of courage, which is certain to be rewarded with compliments.
  • Medium-length gray hair is incredibly attractive on men. Celebrities like Charles Schumann and Jeff Bridges show us how it's done, with a cool Bro Flow.

Why you should dye your hair gray

Young man with gray hair

With a bit of hair color, young men can also be on trend with gray hair

Those who haven't turned gray yet can get the look artificially. Dyed gray hair has long been a trend with female fashion bloggers and celebrities. Gray hair framing a young face is irritating and attracts attention. One tip: Dye your hair gray and combine it with a modern style like a buzzcut or undercut. Find a Schwarzkopf Professional stylist, who can advise you on how to achieve the best gray color result, through our Salon Finder.

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