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Shades of Grey: New Trends for Grey Hair

Grey times are coming: Grey hair is trendy! Nobody needs to dye or hide it any more – the women of this world stand by mature hair with style and self-confidence. Find out here what hairstyle is currently most suitable for silvering the trend colour (rejuvenation treatment included)

Some discover it at a young age, others when they get older. One thing is for sure: We all get it eventually – grey hair! It is in our genes. The production of the pigment melamine naturally decreases with age. Hair that was previously black, brown, blonde or red gradually turns colourless or white – with the grey colour only developing optically (due to the mix of pigmented and non-pigmented hairs). Meanwhile this fact does not have to frustrate anyone. Because: Silver is now worth its weight in gold! Women with grey hair are trendy – young and old, from hip streetstyle stars to ultra-elegant style icons. Dyeing, tinting and streaking are a thing of the past? Yes, those who want to stand by their granny hair! But to make it look attractive rather than dowdy, grey hair requires intensive care. The right cut also silvers your look: Modern, casual and anything but grandmotherly.

New trends for grey hair

Carmen Dell'Orefice with Wavy-Bob-Hairstyling

The best example: Carmen Dell'Orefice. The 84-year old has been on the catwalk and facing the camera for 70 (!) years as a model. She knows exactly what counts in the beauty business. From an elegantly knotted chignon to her current favourite look, the wavy bob with lots of volume – Carmen Dell’Orefice wears her grey-white hair just as naturally with popular trend styles as the generation that is 50 years her junior. And why not? After all, the modern hairstyles are not only très chic but also act as a sort of rejuvenating treatment.


Our gallery presents the hairstyles in grey that women should have their eye on:

Gallery: New Trends for Grey Hair