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The Young Embrace Grey Hair

As soon as many women recover from discovering the first grey hairs, they often rush to get rid of the dreaded sign of aging. But wait, stars like Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga now deliberately colour every hair on their heads silvery grey. Silver hair actually has its very own beauty and charm. We show you all the exciting ways to style grey hair

Kelly Osbourne made a big splash when she first appeared with her hair coloured grey. Lady Gaga, Marina Diamandis and Taylor Momsen occasionally opt for grey hair between blonde and brunette phases. Aren’t you curious why young women deliberately colour their hair grey?

Grey Hair and the Courage to Surprise

Young women who colour their hair grey don’t just have their hair colour in common, they also love to attract attention, they are trendy, and they certainly are confident. They are also trendsetters. These days, people may still talk about it when top models or stars switch hair colours from blonde to brown (like Jessica Stam) or from dark brown to coppery red (like Bérénice Bejo). Of course, the echo was a bit louder when Katy Perry surprised with smurf blue hair. In terms of hair colour, grey certainly cannot hold a candle to green or purple. Grey on the heads of the very young is a show shopper not because of the colour but because grey is associated with aging. People are so used to hiding age-related changes that even the thought of deliberately colouring hair grey seems to turn convention on its head. Grey hair on young heads gets attention because of the associated surprise effect. Indeed, why not play with outdated clichés? Kelly Osbourne and other stars did it with great success.

On goes the game of breaking conventions: Taylor Momsen and Lady Gaga coloured their hair a natural shade of grey with a slight shimmer of blonde. Kelly Osbourne, Pink and Marina Diamandis topped it all by giving their grey Granny look a purple or rosé tinge and showing dark roots like a batch of honour.

Unabashedly, they face cameras, fans, and critics wearing their hair grey with colourful accents and dark roots. They are tired of conformity, and their looks and attitudes say, "We don’t care what anybody thinks!" Women who play with hair colour are mostly on the younger side of the age spectrum. Anyone can do it. In an interview, Kelly Osbourne used the latter arguments to explain why she experiments with grey hair.

Kelly Osbourne experiments the most with the extravagant look of grey hair. The daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne surprised with hair in various shades of grey, including dark grey, grey with purple tinge and caramel-coloured ends and light grey with a touch of rosé.

Grey Hair and Make-up

Short modern haircuts like the geo cut and casual waves look best with grey hair. Plain hairstyles with straight fringes or a bob are also great choices for grey hair. Make-up in radiant colours brings pep to the grey look. Pink or coral red lipstick and purple or green eye shadow work well with grey hair.

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