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Modern Hairstyles for Women with Grey Hair

Looking natural is a great recipe for hairstyle success at any age. It is particularly important for best agers. There is really no reason to worry about looking older or grey hair. The pretence of a young look can be very taxing but keeping your creativity alive and embracing modern styles is a lot of fun

More and more women allow their hair to go grey if only to make an end of the tedious and costly task of hiding it. As the years went by, many women gathered sufficient confidence to quit colouring their hair and trying to regain lost youth. Of course, just because the hair is grey the hairstyles do not have to be boring or unimaginative. Styled with confidence, grey hair looks appealing. Going grey is now a trend among older women. In our gallery, we show creative and beautiful hairstyles featuring grey hair.

Gallery: Modern Hairstyles for Grey Hair

Modern Styles for Grey Hair – The Trendsetters

Stylish Grey Hair

Yeohlee Teng’s shiny hair looks rich and healthy. She likes to wear her long grey hair straight and sleek

Women no longer hide greying hair, and this did not go unnoticed in the fashion industry. In her work, designer Yeohlee Teng makes a point of efficiency and sustainability. She seems to carry these principles into her hair styling. Yeohlee Teng’s long grey hair with its minimalistic styling has a modern appeal. Long straight hair and a high straight side parting are the only styling elements. Such simplicity calls for diligent hair care. Split ends and dull hair would take all the glamour out of this beautiful hairstyle. The hair needs regular conditioning and ideally, the hair should be allowed to air-dry after shampoos.

If your hair is wavy apply heat protectant and straighten it strand by strand using a flat iron. A trace of extra gloss hairspray will deepen the healthy glow.

Stylish Grey Hair

Vera Valdez looks smart with her two-tone hair

Model Vera Valdez shows her modern spirit and practical side at the same time. She used to dye her hair brown. Now she allows it to grow out. The result is the now trendy two-tone style. The wavy hair from the roots to ear level is grey with naturally white streaks while the remaining part still shows the brown hair dye.

Tip: Restrained makeup will tune down the effects of trendy or extravagant hairstyle elements.