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Gray-haired men – perfectly groomed

In our opinion, gray-haired men look good. And sexy. Provided, of course, the hair is well-groomed, perfectly styled and healthy looking. What could be complicated about that? We reveal the secrets to getting this look right. As well as showing you which hairstyles suit which type of gray hair. And which ones honestly don’t!

Gray-haired men have a certain sex appeal. Not only do they ooze maturity and confidence, gray hair also gives them an irresistible stylish edge. As long as the hair is well-groomed and looks natural, that is. By the way, gray hair isn’t actually gray. Once hair loses its color pigment, it becomes white or colorless. It’s only the mix of hair with and without color pigments that make it look gray. When it comes to styling gray hair, what should you bear in mind? We’ll reveal everything you need to know. And if you’re not a silver fox yet, don’t be sad. Rest assured, everyone turns gray eventually.

Hairstyles for gray hair

Just because the color pigments have started to disappear, it doesn’t mean you have to look old. But youthful gray hairstyles have one thing in common: they are always short. Long hair really doesn’t cut it once you go gray. The same goes for bristly short hair. Instead, stick with the gentleman look, rather than an unkempt messy mop. That means hairstyles with clearly defined lines, such as the classic capri or a sporty haircut, where the hair on top is left around three centimeters in length and blends evenly into the sides and nape.

How to look after your gray hair

As we get older, our hair not only gradually changes color, we also lose vitamins and minerals, which makes our hair much finer and more sensitive. It’s why gray hair needs more conditioning and care. Otherwise it just looks dull and lifeless. Our tip: style your hair using a gel, pomade or wax. These kinds of products are rich in oil and make gray hair look healthier, shiny and give a well-groomed finish to your look.

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