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Do it yourself: The best tips for dying your own hair

Do it yourself. You prefer to color your hair at home? Or are you a complete newbie and want to try it for the first time? We show you how and give you tips on what to do for an even better color result.

Ombré, Balayage or a different color: there are many possibilities how you can dye your hair at home. And never before has it been so easy. With do it yourself hair color rinses and permanent colors, coloring your hair is super easy. We have instructions for you how you can DIY your hair dye and show you how you can get an even better color result.

Dying your hair: This is how you prepare your hair

It is important to only use very few styling products in the days leading up to when you will be coloring your hair. Residue can have an impact on the coloring result. Then, the day has come for you to become a Colorista. Ensure that you apply the coloring product on your dry and unwashed hair. The natural sebum protects your scalp. If you have shoulder-length or longer hair, we recommend you use two packages of coloring product. This way you ensure that you have a beautiful and even color result in the end.


Secret tip: To protect from color stains, put a skin creme with oil on your face just about where your roots start and place a towel on your shoulders. Alternatively, you can also wear an old t-shirt on which any stains would not matter.  

Coloring at home: which hair color is the best for me?

We recommend that you always only color two shades lighter or darker when DIYing it. A complete style change - from black to blonde or vice-versa - is better left for your hair expert. On the packaging you will see suggestions for which hair color the product is suitable. Use that as a guide. And for the result to be just as even on the back of your head, ask a friend to help you. After all, what are best friends for?

You can easily color your hair two shades lighter or darker

Ombré and Balayage DIY style: This is how you do it

The hair current trends Ombré and Balayage give your hair a natural and sunkissed look. When coloring yourself, we recommend you select a shade that is only slightly lighter than your natural hair color. Subsequently, gently distribute the color with a hairbrush in your hair ends. For a natural color flow, try to avoid hard transitions.


However, the current Balayage look with a mix of blonde and brown streaks is better left for your hair expert to ensure everything looks even.