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Nice and Simple: Hair Colouring at Home

Looking for a change? A fresh colour kick is always good. New trend hues (and tints) are currently in fashion: balayage, dip dye and other special hairlights. But you don’t need to go to the hairdresser. Do it yourself! Our tips & tricks help you achieve the best colour effects!

You no longer have to go to the hairdresser for new colour accents, hair colouration or to change your style entirely. Colouring your hair at home has become commonplace in the meantime. New products, technologies and application methods promise better and better results. Fast, simple, uncomplicated. For a professional look. You can even conjure streaks that appear elaborate or trend looks like bronde, dip dye or ombré in your hair yourself. Read on to find out how.

Home made: The recipe for perfectly coloured hair

Hitting the right note: The colouration shelf in your favourite drug store offers a whole range of outstanding hair colouring products. First of all, think about what you want to do. Would you merely like to freshen up your look and stay as natural as possible, or do you want to change your hair colour entirely by one or two nuances? If you are looking for a radical change, we recommend approaching the final new colour gradually. This is easier on the hair structure, you can get used to your new look slowly and avoid risking unpleasant surprises – if platinum blond or jet black fail to suit you after all, you will notice some nuances before.
Also take your complexion into account when choosing the colouration: Warm blonde, red and brown hues go well with peach-coloured skin. A bluish undertone (greetings from Snow White) harmonises for example with ashy hues when lightening the hair. To find your colour type and what hues are wonderfully flattering for you, see our colour consultant.

Bring colour to your hair: Tips & tricks

A dye that washes out after a few weeks or a permanent one, a slight tint or intense colouration? The right product is available for all hair.

What should you watch for?

- Do you want to cover grey hair? That should be noted on the package. Washable and semi-permanent hair dyes do not always produce the desired result

- Live by this rule: No more than two nuances lighter or darker than the hair colour you start with. Hydrogen peroxide needs to be in the dye for lightening hair

- Bottles should be disposed of once they have been opened, unless the dye is expressly designated for multiple use.

- Especially easy to apply: Colouration mousse. The foamy texture makes it easy to apply with your hands (wear gloves) to the hairline, lengths and back of the head. Then the dye is massaged into the hair like shampoo – no brush, no dripping, usually a short exposure time

- Hairline in sight? Special sets are available for colouring the hairline, letting you freshen up your hair colour with a new kick in ten minutes – and without having to open a whole package for a little bit of dye. The dye is easy to apply at the hairline with the enclosed brush. Let it work, rinse, finished!

DIY: The new colour effects

Dramatic, not uniform: With the new hairstyles, the details in particular are what attracts attention. Rather than dyeing the hair in one colour from the hairline to the ends, various hues are combined in one style. From discreet to very high contrast – these colour accents are extremely popular right now. Dip dye, balayage & co. are the trend looks and you can do them yourself at home! Even with a single product – if you are not yet sure which trend colouring to go for. It is only the way you apply the all-in-one product that determines the style.
If you want the ombré or dip dye style for example, with only the ends dipped in a contrasting colour, you can distribute the dye freehand in the ends of your hair (the way professionals do at the hair salon). For the popular crownlights on the other hand, where only the hairline radiates in a high-contrast nuance, apply the dye with the enclosed applicator called an accent brush. The great thing about the products for home use: They are quick, easy and can be applied any time. While you wait for the colour to set, get comfortable on the couch with a towel over your shoulders, send selfies of the colouring action to friends or click through your favourite websites on your tablet.