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Hair Coloring Made Easy: Gel Color

These days, coloring your hair at home is already pretty simple. But now there’s an innovation that makes DIY hair dyeing even easier: Gel color. Read on to discover what this new kind of at-home colorant can do

You don’t necessarily have to head to the hairdresser to get a new color. With new DIY home colorants, we can also achieve the color we want at home. Now and then, a hair color innovation comes along that makes it easier to color at home. For example: Mousse colorants, which allowed us to apply hair dye just like shampoo. Game changing! Now, there’s a new game changer on the block. Gel color. #PureColor is super easy to use, won’t drip, and provides your hair with nourishment while you color.

This is how it works.

Easy application, integrated care: #PureColor gel color


Thanks to its consistency, applying new gel color is extremely easy – even for absolute beginners. You don’t need any prior experience with at-home coloring. The dye won’t foam, and it won’t drip. You, your clothes, and your bathroom will stay clean. Plus the two separate color components are easy to mix.

Smiling woman with luminous hair

Gel color results: Radiantly beautiful from roots to tips!

As well as being easy to use, the new gel colors are incredibly nourishing – which is particularly beneficial for stressed lengths and ends. The dye contains something called aquaxyl technology, which binds water molecules to the hair and retains them there. This provides the hair with an extra dose of moisture. Other ingredients such as aloe vera and cactus extract also have a moisturizing effect and ensure a healthy glow. And Schwarzkopf gel colorants are permanent, too. A little color may wash out with your first shampoo after coloring (as with all other hair dye), but otherwise: Your new color is here to stay.

Tips for using gel hair color at home

So, now you know how the new gel colors work. Here are a few tips to make coloring your hair at home even easier:


  • Have a few things ready before dyeing: A comb, hair clips (particularly if your hair is long, these can help to clip individual sections back out of the way during application), and a towel. It’s a good idea to wear an old shirt while dyeing – just in case a little color lands somewhere other than your hair!

  • Read the instructions first. Then put on disposable gloves and mix your color up according to the instructions.

  • Applying color to hair that’s not freshly washed is even gentler on your hair. Those natural oils will provide a little extra protection.

  • Begin your countdown once you’re done with the application. Because gel colors won’t drip, you don’t have to stay perched on the edge of the bathtub feeling bored – you can move around freely!

  • After you have washed out the color, use the conditioner included in the pack. This will help to seal in the color and give your hair extra shine.