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Frosted tips: Blond highlights for men are back!

The nineties are officially back – in fashion, and now on men’s heads! We reveal how cool lightened tips and highlights can look, and how to dye frosted tips yourself at home


Important for frosted tips: A soft gradient.

In the 90s, nearly every guy wore blond highlights at some stage. Since then, highlighted hair tips for have men disappeared – until now. This look is back, trendy and now known as “frosted tips,” which sounds a little more masculine and cooler than “blond highlights.” Unlike in the nineties, a soft gradient from the natural hair color to the bleached tips is now mandatory. This way the hair color looks vibrant and natural. Here's how easy it is to recreate frosted tips yourself.

Frosted tips: Do it yourself


Frosted tips in moderation: If you don’t like the idea of full-on highlights, you can lighten just the ends of the hair.

To find your best blond shade, match the color of a few strands of your own hair to the swatches on the back of the pack when selecting your hair color. Tip: If your hair is very dark, it’s best to consult a professional when dyeing, so that you achieve the result you’re hoping for.

To apply the color, use a coloring brush (for subtler highlights) or a wide-toothed comb (for bolder highlights). Before beginning dyeing, cover up your shoulders with an old towel to avoid staining clothes. Apply the dye to your brush or comb, and beginning at the roots of the hair, pull color through to your tips. When approaching hair ends, apply more pressure to the brush or comb to produce a natural color gradient.

If you’d truly like just the ends of your hair blond, without any gradient – 90s style – you only need to apply color to the tips of your hair. This is only recommended if your natural shade is just slightly darker than your chosen blond tone, so that the transition between natural and dyed hair is subtle.

Styling your frosted tips

Frosted tips: The less styling products, the better. Use hair gel and wax sparingly. The spiky look (think: 90s style) in combination with highlights and blond tips is a little too 90s for today! Frosted tips look great on styles where the hair on the top of the head is worn longer than on the sides, such as a slight undercut or a classic capri. A combination of super-short hair and frosted tips is not recommended. And when it comes to your look and face shape, anything goes: Highlighted ends can work on every man!

Don’t dare to DIY? A Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser is guaranteed to find your best shade of blond and recreate frosted tips that are just right for you. Find them with the help of our Salon Finder.