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Colouration or Hair Dye?

Nothing is more effective for a makeover than a new hair colour. But what hair colouring method is right for you: Colouration or hair dye? We present this check to help you decide: What are the differences between the two product groups, the benefits of each and what results can you expect from the respective application?

You have already chosen your new hair colour, but are unsure what colouring method to use? There are generally two options: Colouration or hair dye. Which product you should ultimately choose depends on various factors. We help you make the right choice for the new look:

Colouration vs. Hair Dye: A Matter of Time

Do you want something permanent or just a bit of a refresher? You’ve guessed it, the way to get your new hair colour is a question of principle. Once you know the answer to that question, you are a big step closer to finding the perfect colouring method. How long the colour lasts in your hair is the main difference between colouration and hair dye: The former is permanent while the latter lets you enjoy the colour temporarily. 

Colouration vs. Hair Dye: What Works How?

The difference in permanence depends on how each type of product works: With colouration, the pigments are transported into the hair cuticle, the inside of the hair. Alkaline substances such as ammonia open the hair fibre, clearing the way for the new pigments. The new hair colour is firmly anchored and does not wash out. Instead the colouration grows out after some time – and the natural colour grows back in. Regular re-colouring maintains a well-groomed appearance and lasting beauty. 
With hair dye on the other hand, regular re-colouring is not necessary since the pigments fade out over time. This is because the dye is only applied to the outside of the hair fibre. After washing your hair about six to eight times, the new look has disappeared again.
You may have encountered another product on the colouring shelf as well: The semi-permanent dye. This is an intermediate product. In principle this colouring agent works like a colouration, since the colour also penetrates the hair, but the pigments fade out again later like they do with a hair dye. The natural hair colour comes back after washing your hair about 28 times.

Colouration vs. Hair Dye: Suitability Test

Which colouring product does what? We compiled the respective benefits of the two colouring methods for you:

The Benefits of Colouration:

- A new you: You get permanent results and can change your hair colour significantly and permanently. Perfect if you are firmly decided!

- Get out of the grey zone: Colouration can cover up grey hair up to one hundred percent. Truly a fountain of youth!

- Lighten up: From brown to blonde? No problem! Colouration can lighten dark hair as well. That is because bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide that removes the dark natural pigments from your hair. This allows the light colour to really come into its own.

The Benefits of Hair Dye:

- Ideal if you like to experiment: Since the colour only stays in the hair temporarily, you can try out new hues without taking a big risk.

- Gentle on hair: The pigments are only deposited on the outside of the hair, the cuticle does not have to be opened – a new colour the gentle way!

- Balanced: The dye fades evenly, there are no pronounced colour differences in the hair and the hairline does not stand out as it grows in

- Extra gloss: You can stick with your natural hair colour and refine it with hair dye. This produces a sublime gloss effect.

As you can see, both colouring methods have major advantages. Whether you ultimately choose a colouration or hair dye depends on what you want to get out of your new hair colour and what results you wish to achieve.