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Color melting: A technique even more natural than balayage

Could any other coloration technique possibly look more natural than balayage? Yes! Meet color melting: Here, several hair colors are fused together. The result? Soft, radiant color. We reveal the look, and what sets color melting apart from balayage.

Without a doubt: When it comes to coloring, balayage is one of the best things to have happened to our hair in recent years. Gone are the days of stripy foil highlights! And the reason for its natural finish: The balayage technique sees color brushed or painted into the hair, creating a very natural result. But now, there’s a new trend coloration technique in town: Color melting. This look is made for those who want a fresh, natural-looking color. Here, we reveal all.

Color melting vs balayage

Unlike the balayage and ombré techniques, color melting involves painting three or more colors into the hair. The technique also works with your natural color. These colors merge to create a vivid, bright, yet at the same time very natural look. Another benefit to this updated form of balayage: Regrowth is not particularly visible due to the many lighter and darker highlights used in the color melting technique. With color melting, rushing to redo your roots is well and truly a thing of the past.

Will color melting work for your hair?

The great news: color melting works with all natural colors. The nuances that are painted into the hair can be individually selected to perfectly suit your natural hair. Tip: Colors selected should not be too dramatically different from your natural color, and they should also be chosen to harmonize with one another. It’s best if all nuances come from one color family – for example, a combination of similar blond tones. This will give the most balanced, natural result.

As with all hair coloring: After undergoing color melting, be sure to care for hair with special shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. This will help maintain your look for longer.

To try color melting, we recommend you see a professional who can help you achieve a very natural finish using different shades. Find a Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdresser near you using our Salon Salon Finder