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Short Hair Styles for Blonde Hair

Who says long hair is more feminine than short? Since when? More than ever is short hair so in and so enticing at the same time. A feminine shade of blonde bolsters the look and leaves you shining. Read on to be inspired by the best short hair styles for blonde hair

One could almost say that short hair cuts are becoming the new ideal of beauty. More and more women are going for this radical cut and parting with their long manes. With this look, not only are they more self-assured than ever before, but they feel freer and it makes them unbelievably attractive.

This style especially works with light hair. A nice shade of blonde makes the hair shine and exudes a pure lust for life.

Short Hair Styles for Blondes: A Suitable Haircut for Every Face Shape

Almost every woman can wear her hair short when each face shape is taken into account.

Oval Face: This face shape is considered ideal, since it goes well with everything. It is especially nice of course for short hair, which further enhances your face. The best example of this is Charlize Theron and her tousled Pixie Cut.

Rectangular Face: Rectangular faces suit streaks or fringe especially well. They soften any hardness in the facial features.

Round Face: Styles that visually stretch the face are ideal for round faces. For example, an ample bob is great, since it makes the face appear longer in the top part.

Short haircuts absolutely need the right make-up. Feminine make-up applied with care will be the perfect finishing touch for this trendy hair look.

The most attractive short hair styles for blonde hair are shown in our gallery, and hair expert Armin Morbach also explains how damaged hair can be transformed into a shiny crop.

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