Woman with chestnut ombré hair
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Trend Color Chestnut Ombré: Brown Hair, more Beautiful than ever

There are many shades of brown, but strong reddish hues are currently ahead of the curve. The hair color trend for spring is called chestnut ombré and it’s all about the seamless transition, making the color result look particularly natural and elegant

For the ombré look, a super soft color transition – from light to dark – is created. In contrast to color techniques like painting, the goal is not to create contrasts, but gentle transitions between darker and lighter hues.

This creates a natural effect similar to that of sun-kissed hair. This spring, ombré hair gets an elegant style update, mixing a strong chestnut brown with reddish highlights. This blend of darker browns with vibrant reds through the tips appears fresh and modern. A good reason to take a closer look and explain how to create the trend color and how to care for it. In addition, find out the styles that bring out the best in your new color.

Red meets brown – How to dye chestnut ombré hair

The basic color of this looks is, as the name indicates, chestnut brown. This strong, dark shade already contains a shimmer of copper. Chestnut is applied to the entire upper sections. Merely the lengths and tips are left uncolored. Depending on your natural color, they may have to be lightened before being dyed a vibrant reddish brown mahogany. For a harmonious transition, the red strands bleed into the upper brown sections to create a soft ombré look without severe contrasts.

How to style chestnut ombré

The harmonious interplay of colors is what really makes the red-brown ombré style. Avoid severe transitions at all costs. Curly hair really makes the look come alive. Simply use large curlers, a curling or straightening iron to create soft waves: This will highlight the contrasts and add extra volume.


A ponytail particularly accentuates the red highlights. The pulled-back hair is a subdued brown, while the ponytail looks modern and extravagant thanks to its red accents: This look makes every standard outfit an eye-catcher.


You can also wear a sleek variation of the chestnut ombré look. When straightening your hair, it’s even more important that the transitions between colors are harmonious and well executed.

Chestnut ombré: How to care for red-brown hair

If you go for this trend look , your hair should be perfectly prepared and get the proper care.  Bleaching and dyeing takes its toll, which makes care even more important – before and after. Conditioner and masks are essential, as they repair the hair structure from within and smooth down the roughened outer layer, giving hair a healthy and shiny appearance.


For a long lasting color result, we recommend using a special color care series. Shampoos and conditioners for colored hair contain UV protection, which shields hair against sun damage and keeps your color looking good for longer.


Shampoos for brown hair or subtle wash-out rinses are also a good idea – they give your hair the occasional color kick and let it look freshly dyed all over again.