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Trendy Winter Hair Colour Brown

A fresh breeze is blowing through our hair with the changing of seasons – in the form of cool brown hues. And they are incredibly multifaceted: from ashy light to silvery dark brown, there is something to suit every type and taste. One thing we can promise: these cool colours are guaranteed not to leave you cold!

Natural and classy in one, discreet yet exciting: brown is a more versatile hair colour than many may imagine. Thanks to countless shades, colour depths, gloss and reflections, brown is never just simply 'brown'. Just think of the aromatic coffee versions from espresso to mocha to cappuccino. Think of earth, wood and autumn leaves. Of chocolate, caramel candy and cinnamon buns... What's your flavour? Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach for instance raves about cappuccino: 'It is a rather smoky hue with ashy blonde nuances, a very rich colour.' The pro has chosen this nuance for good reason: the cool brown hue is absolutely trendy.

Cool brown – these hair colours are making us hot! We present the most attractive examples in the gallery:

Winter Hair Colour Trend: Cool Brown

Hairdos for Cool Brown Hues

A natural hair colour such as brown goes best with simple and natural hairstyles: a low, loosely pinned chignon for instance, or undone waves. Straight hair draws attention to the hair colour. Wavy hair not only lends movement to the look but also to the hair colour, since light is reflected differently by various sections for visually appealing changes in the brown hue.

Extra brilliance tip: Freshly coloured brown hair guarantees an especially intense gloss. Proper hair care supplies your brown with important nutrients for added radiance.

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