Woman with ash brown hair
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Hair Color Trend for Brunettes: Ash Brown is Hot Now

The natural ash brown brunette shade is totally hot in 2018. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to have to constantly recolor their hair. Want to know why? We reveal all, including how to achieve this hot look, below

The natural look is totally on trend in 2018. Even hair color has taken a turn towards subtle. Just in time: We’ve been way too busy maintaining our funky rainbow hair and pastel hair. Natural colors, on the other hand, require far less maintenance. Our favorite brunette trend color of the moment is ash brown. Read on to discover just how far this color is from being mousey and monotonous.

Discover the ash brown color trend

Ash brown appears almost matt and very cool. This color will work particularly well on women with dark blond, light brown, or medium brown hair. Color application techniques will determine the look: Go global by applying ash brown to your entire head or achieve the ultimate natural look by using one of the many creative color application techniques. Trendy balayage sees color painted onto hair with a brush, achieving a particularly natural finish. If you just want to add a little movement into your current hair color, try a few ash brown highlights.

Woman with ash brown hair and bright highlights

Stylish: Ash brown with bright highlights.

Ash brown gradient colors are also fully on trend. Achieve this look with the ombré dyeing technique. The color fades from the roots to the tips and is lightest at the ends. This is ideal for women with lightened, naturally darker hair. The ends remain light, while the roots are ash brown. If the color grows out, it’s not immediately obvious, so hair doesn’t have to be re-colored regularly.


Essential: After coloring, use a special care series for colored hair. Even though ash brown has a naturally matt finish, the color won’t look its best on dull hair. Shampoo, conditioner and treatments for colored hair ensure that the hair gets the care it needs after coloring.

Will you suit ash brown?

Woman with ash brown dark blond hair

Naturally cool: Trend color ash brown is perfect for women with dark blond hair.

The ash brown hair color trend works beautifully on women with cooler skin tones. They can rock an all-over ash brown look. Women with warmer skin tones are best suited to ash brown accents.


The good news: Your hairdresser can use different shades of brown to create an ash brown shade to perfectly suit your complexion. On a medium brunette base, different cool brown highlights are applied to create an ashen, greyish matt finish.