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How It’s Done: Dyeing Blonde Hair Brown

You prefer brunette, so you want to colour your blonde hair brown. But is it that simple, and what do you have to watch for with this drastic colour change? What brown hue best matches your type, complexion and eyes? Questions, questions – you can turn to us for the answers

Blonde today, brunette tomorrow – if only it were that simple. Surprise! It actually is as easy as it sounds! Just follow a few simple colouration rules and you really can’t go wrong.

Carey Mulligan is a prime example of everybody’s darling. The actress has long inspired us with her avant garde 'nouvelle vague' look: the blonde pixie cut. But from one movie to the next, the impudent retro style was abruptly replaced. Carey Mulligan presented herself with wavy brunette hair. It really suits her! What else the new brunette did right: she found exactly the right brown hue for her light complexion and dark eyes. That is why her radical transformation was so successful.

What Brown Hue Matches Your Complexion?

Not all browns are created equal. From chocolate to caramel to golden brown – the classic hair colour is more multifaceted than you may think. Choosing a brown that flatters your skin tone is important.  The right hair colour can softly focus your complexion and bring out your eye colour to best advantage.

Warm complexion:
Nuances like toffee, hazelnut and golden brown harmonise very well with a warm skin tone.

Cool complexion:
A light, rosy skin tone is complemented by brown hues without golden yellow or reddish reflections, for example a cool chocolate brown, mocha or dark mahogany.

What Brown Hue Matches Your Eye Colour?

Your eye colour can also be a good indicator for choosing the right shade of brown. In fact, matching the new hue to your eyes is usually even more crucial than coordinating it with your complexion. If you are unsure about your skin tone: the eyes say more than a thousand words.

Warm eye colours:
If you have green or brown eyes, choosing warm brown hues such as chestnut is best (especially good: with reddish pigments).

Cool eye colours:
If your eyes are blue or grey, you should select cool brown hues like espresso.

Hint: If you are having a hard time choosing between two nuances, pick the lighter colour in case of doubt. Hair that is too dark may cause your face to appear unfavourably hard.

From Blonde to Brown: The Right Way to Colour Your Hair

Colouring naturally blonde hair brown is relatively easy. If you are uncertain, test the colour first with a washable dye to get an impression whether this brown shade suits you.

But be cautious with bleached hair: due to the altered hair structure, new colours can develop in unforeseeable ways. The hair may for instance appear redder after the treatment compared to the colour examples on the packaging, or absorb the colour more readily than planned and therefore become darker. Make an appointment with your hairdresser if you want to be on the safe side.

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Extra tips:

  • If you are colouring your own hair at home, you should generously apply skin cream to the hairline, forehead and temples beforehand. This prevents accidentally creating dark spots on the skin.
  • No worries about motley results: the smoother the surface of the hairs, the more even the colouring result will be. It is best to apply an intensive treatment the day before colouring so the hair absorbs the colour evenly.
  • Don’t forget the brows: when changing your hair colour from light to dark, you should also adapt the eyebrows to the new nuance.