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Do-it-yourself ombré: How to achieve the look at home

We reveal all you need to know about recreating the trendy ombré look at home. Our promise: It’s not all that complicated!


A major street style trend: Ombré is everywhere!

Ombré hair possesses a very special color gradient: In this trend, the ends are significantly lighter than the rest of the hair. The resulting look? Overall radiance, as though the hair has been sun kissed (even though you probably haven’t just returned from a beach holiday). One big advantage of ombré: You don’t need to worry too often about touch-ups, as the roots are not colored.

Want to recreate the trendy ombré look at home? It's not that complicated. With the right application tips it’s a breeze, and very quick to do. We reveal just how easy it is, and how you can best succeed in applying this technique at home. 

Your DIY ombré guide: Get prepared


The ombré effect looks great in naturally dark hair, too.

When lightening the ends of your hair, select a color or bleach that will harmonize with your natural color. For dark blond hair, try a light blond. For brown hair, try a caramel nuance, for example. Whether the color you have chosen will work with your natural tone is revealed on the back of the hair dye packaging. See if you can get a close match to your natural color among the swatches pictured. In addition to the dye, you'll need an old paddle hairbrush. The brush will help you easily incorporate the color into the lengths and ends of your hair. Now, you’re ready to get started!

How to ombré your tips


Regular touch ups? Not required with ombré!

To begin, apply hair color directly to your paddle brush. Then run the brush through the ends of your hair. A couple of tips about color placement: For shoulder-length hair, work the color into your hair from around ear height. For longer hair, it’s best to start your application at around chin height. To achieve that beautiful smooth gradient from your natural color to your lightened ends, apply the color very sparingly at your starting point. Avoiding applying too much color means you’ll keep that gradient nice and smooth. Now: Stick to the application time exactly according to instructions (don’t rush to wash out your color, or your hair may turn orange!) and rinse thoroughly.

So that your result looks radiant and well maintained, it is important to use the included conditioner. And, to prevent ends from appearing dry or brittle, apply a hair mask once or twice a week. For extra care, regularly knead a few drops of hair oil into ends (in either wet or dry hair), avoiding roots so as not to weigh hair down.

Wondering if the ombré look will work for you? Ask a professional: Find a Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser to advise you with the help of our Salon Finder