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New Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

A new light is seen in the dark these days: Refined colour highlights are increasingly gilding the hair of brunette beauties. Subtle, fresh, natural – the current highlight trend is practicing sophisticated restraint. Bronde and ombré? Presenting the radiant newcomers for brunettes: Balayage, babylights and ecaille

Seeking enlightenment? Naturally! For instance, dark brown hair gains the proper radiance with discreet colour highlights. Brightening effectively creates refreshment, brilliance and a modern, young look. All without entirely changing the style. So what is new about the popular colouring method? Instead of the usual strands incorporated in the hair as a strong contrast with great precision from the hairline to the tips, naturalness is in demand. Gentle colour gradients, delicate colouration and harmonious nuances – in short: The style ought to look genuine instead of dyed. We introduce the subtle highlights that are sure to bring great joy for brunettes: Balayage, babylights and ecaille.

New Highlights for Dark Brown Hair: Balayage

The term 'baylage' comes from the French word 'balayer', meaning to sweep or brush. With this dyeing technique, the light strands are formed freehand in various thicknesses without first separating individual sections of hair. The effect: Unlike classic highlights, there is no clear separation here and the gradients appear soft and flowing. Two hair colours are mixed together quite subtly for a fantastic natural look.

A real stunner: With this freestyle technique, colouring begins about 10 cm below the crown. Purposefully applying the dye makes it possible to visually create volume or to reduce it – depending on the hair type and preferences. This results in a tailor-made hair colour that suits the individual. The best thing about it: With the colour trend, the length and texture of the hair do not play a role. It can be used to gild any hairstyle!

New Highlights for Dark Brown Hair: Babylights

For those who want discreet accents and only a slight change to their look, mini strands called babylights are a great way to adorn the hair. They are mainly applied near the front on the hair that surrounds the face. This lends the complexion an extra freshness kick! Not to mention that the hair gains visual depth and appears fuller. For a natural look, the individual tips are only lightened by a nuance with this highlight version and the natural hair colour is retained. Hair should be at least shoulder length for the popular babylights. This makes the subtle highlights more effective and the colour spectrum appears rich and lively.

New Highlights for Dark Brown Hair: Ecaille

Strictly speaking, ecaille is not a hair dying technique but a new colour trend. Since soft transitions are the clincher here as well, the colour is brushed freehand onto the strands. The difference compared to other highlight looks is the broad colour palette. Here the higlights change from hazelnut to caramel to honey blonde – seductive and multifaceted! This interplay of the various hues results in a classy, naturally radiant look. Since the multi-tone style appears like a natural hair colour, it also works with hair of any length!