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Chocolate Brown Hair

Tasteful and absolutely low in calories – chocolate is now worn in the hair. The delicious chocolate chic is more popular than ever before, presenting itself in sensuous nuances. We reveal the hairstyles and makeup looks that meld perfectly with a chocolate mane

So incredibly soft: The new trend colour based on premium dark chocolate is entirely to our taste: Dark and elegant. You are not likely to get enough of it any time soon. Just like dark chocolate contains various amounts of cacao (extra dark, dark, semisweet), the colouration trend features different shades of brown (dark, darker, darkest). Common and extraordinary in one – brown hair colour from its best side:

Extra Dark Chocolate

Extra dark chocolate contains a very high proportion of cacao (70 percent or more). No wonder it is very dark and its hair colour counterpart almost indistinguishable from black. Brown accents are only discernible when you look more closely.

Hairstyles and styling: Greetings from Momo: A curly short haircut, seen here on model Ari Westphal (photo), gives the dark chocolate hue a fresh kick. This look is extra cool with slightly tousled styling.

Makeup tip: Emphasise your eyes! A short trendy haircut in chocolate brown perfectly frames sexy cat eyes or striking brows. Alternatively you can apply a gaudy red to your lips. The contrast between the bright lipstick colour and lush chocolate shade in the hair is the ultimate wow factor.

Dark Chocolate

At 55 percent, the cacao content of dark chocolate is a bit lower compared to the intense flavour of extra dark chocolate. The corresponding shade of brown in the hair is also a bit lighter or softer: wonderful and velvety – a very tasty hair colour!

Hairstyles and styling: An undone wavy mane brings movement into the interplay of dark hair colour. Thanks to the curly structure, light is reflected randomly which visually brightens the deep brown hue.

Makeup tip: Don’t hesitate to sweeten things! A girlish nude look with the dark brown mane freshens up your complexion. Hues like rose serve as a soft counterpart to the intense hair colour, making them exactly right for chocolate manes!

Semisweet Chocolate

With semisweet chocolate, cacao and sugar are balanced. That is why this sweeter version is usually used to decorate baked goods, fancy cakes or pralines. Or also to decorate hair. Warm, bright, intense – the somewhat lighter chocolate hue is well balanced.

Hairstyles and styling: A casually styled hair knot, seen on the catwalk with Judy Wu (photo), takes chocolate brown to the pinnacle. The ingenious side effect: Your face is unobstructed so your complexion can shine.

Makeup tip: Be subtle! Rouge not only conjures up rosy cheeks but also perfect contours. Apply a light bronzer below and a shimmering rose hue on your cheekbones.

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