Champagne Bronde Haar
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Champagne brond: A sunkissed color trend for fall and winter

The new trend hair color champagne brond combines many different nuances. The result? Extremely radiant and very natural color. That's why this blond tone is perfect for the colder seasons, and for all those who like their blond multifaceted, but not too bright.

Eternal summer is possible – at least when it comes to your hair. Meet the hair color that radiates almost as bright as the sun: champagne brond, a fresh blend of brown and blond shades. This illuminating hair color trend is right on time for winter. The color works best with dark blond as a starting point. We reveal how champagne brond is created, and what really makes it work.

Champagne brond: How it’s created

To achieve the champagne brond look, brunette and blond tones – more specifically, light brown and ice-blond highlights – are combined. This creates a special shimmer that sets champagne brond apart from other blonds. The mixture of light and dark nuances varies the blond tone and brings it to life. Balance in champagne brond is important. What’s required here is an even mix of warm and cool nuances, which also contributes to the color’s radiance and a harmonious finish.

Who suits champagne brond hair?

This trend color is best suited to natural blonds. It particularly suits those who are looking for a natural result from their color. Even for women with as-yet uncolored hair, the trend is ideally suited, as it adds multi-faceted tones to natural blond without appearing artificial.

So that hair is not stressed by the lightening process, it is important for champagne bronds to ensure they use care products especially tailored to colored hair. This includes the regular use of a hair mask (about twice a week). To keep hair looking sleek and glossy, smooth a few drops of hair oil through lengths as needed, avoiding the roots so as not to weigh hair down.

Tip: The champagne brond look doesn’t necessarily have to be dyed to a finished result in a single visit to the hairdresser, but can be achieved over several sessions. This way, the hair is lightened more gently, and the color will look even more natural in the end.

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