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Brown Hair: Understatement could not be more beautiful!

For the longest time, brown, especially brown without reddish hues, was considered the camouflage variant among the hair colours. The new 2011 hair trends make an end of this perception. Today, new shimmering natural hues make the elegant understatement of brown hair a royal art

Pucci, Chloé and Max Mara are only a few of many fashion legends who send women over their catwalks who intrigue with their long softly flowing, naturally brown hair in stunning hues. While the different blonde shades go in and out of favour, brunette is always in vogue.

A gamut of colour hues makes the brown hair colour so intriguing. The scale of the now hot natural colours goes from ebony to deep chocolate brown and to the medium hues like brown, which is almost dark blond with a shimmer of tantalising reddish colour or tiny light streaks. Last summer in 2010, a washed-out, sun-bleached variation of brown was all the rage. This mixture of blond and brunette was dubbed ‘bronde’ or ‘blonette’.  

Hair trends for the spring of 2011 do well without a lot of contrast. Brunette and blonde hair alike is most cherished in harmonious almost uniform colours in shimmering hues, which appear to change with the light.

Brown Hair, the Way the Stars Wear It

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