woman with face framing
Hair Color | Brown hair

An upgrade for the ombré-Look: face-framing

Face-framing gives a light, fresh and stylish twist to your hair, giving you a radiant glow. Who doesn’t dream of a well-rested and fresh-faced look. Exactly!

Do you remember the days of solid highlights? Those thick aluminum foil highlights – preferably down both sides of your face? The latest face-framing trend takes this idea even further – and is more stylish than ever.

How to color for face framing

Technique is key. If you want to avoid the ‘90s look of thick, static highlights, it’s essential to apply the color with a brush – just as you would with the balayage technique. The color needs to be lighter than the rest of your hair. That’s why the color of choice is often a blonde shade. It’s also how you avoid a hard transition with the rest of your hair. Instead, you get a beautifully soft ombré effect.

Would face-framing suit you?

Face-framing suits pretty much every hair color. If you have very fair hair though, you’d miss out on the desired crossover into the colored, face-framing highlights. The impact is strongest on brunette, light brown or dark blonde hair. Our tip: as the front sections of your hair can become damaged and stressed, use a special color care series. Even if the rest of your hair isn’t colored. To make sure your hair looks healthy and glossy all over, don’t forget to pamper your hair with a weekly hair cure.