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Going blonde? Here’s everything you need to know

We reveal everything you need to know about the most popular hair color ever: blonde. How do you know which shade suits you? What’s the best way to lighten your hair? Dye, bleach or tone? We’ve got the answers

By far, blonde has to be the most popular hair color ever. The lighter the shade, the better. Well, at least natural blonde hair has that effect. Which, by the way, only two percent of the world population actually has. Fortunately, the rest of us don’t have to go without. You can dye your hair yourself, or ask a professional to bleach your hair for you. But how do you get the lightest of blonde shades that will make you feel stylish – and will have everyone else making you compliments? Our tips will guide you.

Find the right shade of blonde

Once you’ve decided to go blonde, it’s time to choose the right shade. And there are a lot to choose from. Let your own skin tone guide your decision. The warmer your skin tone, the better you’ll look with a cool hair shade, such as ice blonde, silver blonde or platinum blonde. If you have a cooler skin tone, you should stick to warmer blonde shades, such as gold or honey blonde. Whether you should dye, tone or bleach your hair really depends on your hair color at the time you change it. With bleaching, your hair is stripped of color pigments – so it’s perfect if you’re going from dark to light hair. Coloring your hair won’t actually make it lighter. It can only add pigments to change your hair color. With toning, by the way, the color pigments don’t actually penetrate into the hair, but just cover the surface. That’s why toning is less intensive and doesn’t last as long as bleaching or coloring. Every time you wash your hair, it fades just a little.

The best way to go blonde

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Blonde hair doesn’t only look good, it gives your skin a radiant glow.

Ideally, if you have dark hair, you should really leave bleaching to the professionals. Seriously. It’s really the only way to avoid nasty surprises. In fact, most of the time, it’s even better to go blonde in stages, rather than all in one go. That way, you’re less likely to damage your hair structure.


To avoid looking like Barbie’s big sister, you shouldn’t color your whole head of hair as one solid block. Especially if you have long hair. It just looks fake. For a more natural look and feel, try out the balayage technique or palm painting. If you have short hair, you could use one allover color. To keep the look stylish and on trend, get the bristly short buzz cut in platinum blonde or an ice-blonde bob.

Looking after blonde hair

Dyed blonde hair requires an extra dose of care and conditioning. Major TLC! Or it will lose its shine and will look limp and lifeless, dull and dry. There’s no denying it, bleaching and coloring does damage your hair structure. Colored hair is high maintenance, but looking after your locks will pay off. Choose special deep conditioning care products with moisturizing nutrients. Our tip: apply a hair cure twice a week. To get the most out of the regenerative treatment, wrap your hair up in a damp warm towel and let the mask do its job for 30 minutes.


If you’re going to be diving into any chlorinated swimming pools this summer, make sure you rinse out your blonde hair afterwards. Chlorine has a nasty habit of adding an unattractive green tinge to blonde tones.


Our Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdressers can find the best blonde shade for you and your skin type. And, of course color your hair at the same time. Our Salon Finder will help you choose one close to you.

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