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Blonde Hair: Kissed by the Sun Instead of Bleached

On the sunny side: Radiant blonde is pure sun, summer and sunshine! To make sure it stays that way by preventing the light hair colour from bleaching even with extreme sun exposure, we are offering the best beauty aids for beach blondes. So that blonde hair retains its radiance even in autumn!

Makes sense: We all know that a light complexion is more prone to 'sunburn' than dark skin. But many are not aware that the same applies to hair. Dark pigments in brown or black hair protect against solar radiation better than light ones. That makes blonde hair more sensitive to the sun. Which is why proper care is everything. But not only the blonde hair structure needs special protection now, the blonde itself can suffer from the sun as well. Pigments in the hair can be destroyed by intense sun exposure over time – the consequence: Blonde hair gets bleached.

But no worries! With our beauty tips, blonde hair survives the summer undamaged, looking radiant and well-kept into the autumn. So you are free to always enjoy the sunny side of life!

Sun protection for blonde hair: Warm-up

Prepare your hair: Rather than throwing your hair in at the deep end when it comes to sunbathing, prepare for the sun about four weeks before a holiday. In order to do so, regularly use conditioners and nourishing treatments. In healthy hair, your hair colour bravely stands up to sun, salt and chlorine!

Sun protection for blonde hair: Walking on Sunshine

Protection to go: Rich oils and sprays with UV protection and vitamins are the most important summer aids for blonde hair. Most of these products can be applied to dry or damp hair, and many of them are even waterproof.

For skin and hair: Sunscreen not only protects our skin, the UVA and UVB filters it contains are good for haircare as well. If you happen not to have any special sun protection for your hair on hand, simply rub some sun care lotion or spray between your fingers and work it into sensitive ends and strands as protection. But watch out: Since the texture of the cream is greasy, only apply it discreetly and not directly to the scalp. Only for use in case of emergency. Extra tip: Special travel kits for hair – in a handy portable size – are ideal to take with you on beach trips.

Care on the beach: Use a hair mask for intensive care and extra protection at the beach, lake or pool, but keep in mind that it needs a certain amount of time to work. First apply the treatment to the hair and then twist it into a knot. This keeps the product in the hair so it has time to penetrate, not to mention that it makes the perfect beach hairstyle.

On top: Not only do scarves and sun hats provide additional protection for your hair, they are a great accessory for your beach outfit too!

Sun protection for blonde hair: After sun

Colour kick: Not only do blonde shampoos wash chlorine and salt residues out of your hair, they also refresh the blonde colour and therefore protect the hair against bleaching. A suitable conditioner moisturises the hair and replenishes important nutrients. So your hair will be radiant even after your summer holiday!